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INDYMEDIA IRELAND (2011, Web): #SpanishRevolution comes to Greece: #M25Gr = #GreekRevolution, 27 de mayo, en: http://www.
21) Indymedia seria el acronimo para Independent Media, si bien el nombre completo es Independent Media Center o centro de medios independientes, por cuanto resultaba un referente informativo de las movilizaciones de colectivos sociales, a menudo asociada a movilizaciones antiglobalizacion com las que la fundaron http://es.
Un ejemplo son las declaraciones que efectuo el dirigente toba Israel Alegre, en una entrevista publicada en Indymedia Argentina, un "Centro de Medios Independientes" que funciona a traves de Internet (http://argentina.
The global scale of this movement was based on its networked capacity: coordinating the logistics of bringing diverse and dispersed groups of activists together; advertising the movement's activities and concerns to wider audiences (where the Indymedia network was crucial); and using the technological infrastructure itself for protest (for example, electronic civil disobedience, ping storm attacks, and creating alternative, spoof websites such as www.
We need assistance and help from United Nations, Independent Organizations in Australia, Human Rights Commission of Australia, Red Cross, Refugee Rights Actions Network, Media in Australia, Refugee Action Collective, Refugee Council, Act Now, Asylum Seeker Resource Center, Indymedia and any thoughtful human not just from Australia but from around the world.
The act of blogging or open publishing an indymedia web site constitutes the preferred values as well as the expectations of how others (should) act those acts refer to.
But even if you're intent on sticking to those websites that can plausibly position themselves as the heirs to the New Left, wouldn't it make more sense to discuss the radicals of cyberspace, not the liberals, starting with the Indymedia sites that sprouted around the world after the Seattle protests of 1999?
For Allan this takes the form of a subject-centered mantra in sites such as IndyMedia and WikiNews: everyone has something to contribute to our collective understanding of the world around us.
Collective, 2008; CCIODH, 2007; Sotelo Marban, 2008), asi como una notable produccion de documentales sobre la movilizacion de las mujeres que conformaron la Coordinadora de Mujeres de Oaxaca (como) (Mal de Ojo y Contraimagen, 2007), los origenes, desarrollo y consecuencias del conflicto (Freidberg, 2007; Coladangelo, 2009), la creacion musical de los movilizados (Law, 2008), la participacion de los medios alternativos (Videohackers e Indymedia, 2007), los colectivos de artistas urbanos y la produccion grafica de la protesta (Garduno y Salcido, 2008; Mal de Ojo, s/f), la represion gubernamental (Mal de Ojo y Comite de Liberacion 25 de Noviembre, 2007) y, por supuesto, las barricadas (Ballesteros, 2007).
News website Indymedia alleged cadets from the 281 (Southport) Squadron Air Training Corps set up a branch of the English Defence League (EDL), called Southport Squadron EDL.
A global cross-media overview of alternative journalism, including a selection of case studies is given in Chapter 6, starting with the Indymedia Network and the South Korean-based OhMyNews, which has succeeded in emerging "as a distinct rival to mainstream news organizations" (p.