InecIndependent National Electoral Commission (Nigeria)
InecInstituto Nacional de Estadistica y Censos (National Institute of Statistics and the Census, Ecuador)
InecInternational Network of E-Communities
InecIndependent National Electoral Commision
InecDepartment for Infrastructure and Economic Cooperation (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency; Stockholm, Sweden)
InecIlocos Norte Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Philippines)
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In the plaintiff's originating summons, the court is urged to declare that the legislative powers vested in the National Assembly by the constitution do not empower it with the right or authority to dictate to INEC the way and manner it should organise, undertake and supervise elections to the offices of the President, Vice President, the Governor and Deputy Governor of a state as well as federal and state legislators, among other declarations.
IMarEST's Chief Executive David Loosley said: "We are delighted to be running INEC in Singapore as part of IMDEX Asia.
INEC under Jega's leadership received praise for its management of the 2011 elections, especially following the highly criticised 2007 poll.
We were protesting … going to INEC (electoral commission) and they tear gassed the women," said protester Eva Ibiba.
The INEC - where Connolly was appearing as part of The Man Live tour - was flooded with complaints after the incident and a spokesman for the venue apologised for the abuse that she received.
This is merely to buy peace and not, in any way, an admission that Inec was remiss in its duties," Manuel said.
The elections were generally characterized by the determination of INEC to halt the history of fraudulent elections and the desire of many Nigerians to restore and sustain the democratic process.
The accelerated timetable leaves INEC little time to forge ahead with a badly needed overhaul of the electoral register, a reform seen as vital if the country is to avoid a repeat of its last chaotic polls three and half years ago.
The festival, which takes place at the INEC in Killarney from October 2-4 and includes two side tournaments, attracted a record-breaking 832 entrants into the main event last year.
INEC said that factors in the decline included economic growth for the country as a whole, a drop in inflation, more jobs, increases in pension payments, and government aid in the form of social programs like the Avancemos program, a 2006 initiative aimed at reducing the dropout rates of schoolchildren by supplying financial aid.
Inec cited price hikes in rent, and utilities-water, gas and electricity.