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IRUInternational Road Transport Union
IRUImmune Recovery Uveitis (eyes)
IRUIndefeasible Right of Use
IRUIndividual Rack Unit
IRUInertial Reference Unit
IRUIndefeasible Rights of Use
IRUInnovative Research Universities
IRUIdaho Rivers United
IRUIncident Response Unit (UK)
IRUInstructional Resources Unit (various organizations)
IRUInstitutional Restructuring Unit (banking)
IRUIndoor Receive Unit (satellite)
IRUIrrevocable Reimbursement Undertaking (finance)
IRUInpatient Rehabilitation Unit (healthcare)
IRUIndividual Responsibility User
IRUInternational Romany Union
IRUInternational Relief Union
IRUInternal Reference Unit
IRUIntegrated Recovery Utility
IRUInternational Reform University
IRUIVA Replacement Unit
IRUInterface Receptacle Unit
IRUIrrefutable Right of Usage
IRUInfrared Receiver Unit
IRUIntegrated Recovery Unit
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one of its three air data inertial reference units (ADIRUs) started outputting intermittent, incorrect dataNor spikesNon airspeed, altitude, air pressure, temperature and the flying angle to the primary flight computers controlling the flight.
6oz) self-contained GPS and accelerometer-equipped independent inertial reference unit, built by North Dakota-based Appareo Systems, is expected to cost less than $10,000.
Joint US/Australia naval communications base in Exmouth, Western Australia, is not to blame for two air data inertial reference unit failures on Qantas Airbus A330s, according to the base manager.
That is why servo accelerometers are used for the most part in inertial navigation and guidance systems such as INS - Inertial Navigation Systems, IMU - Inertial Measurement Units, AHRS - Attitude Heading Reference Systems, IRU - Inertial Reference Units, IGS - Inertial Guidance Systems, etc.
The contract will see Northrop Grumman offering Scalable Space Inertial Reference Units (Scalable SIRU) for the Geo Kompsat 2A and Geo Kompsat 2B satellites.
ATSB said exhaustive tests of the Qantas Airways Airbus A330's malfunctioning air data inertial reference units proved inconclusive.