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INETInstitute for New Economic Thinking (est. 2009)
INETInstitutional Network (Hawaii Department of Education)
INETInstinet LLC
iNETIntegrated Network Enhanced Telemetry
INETInstructional Network
INETInteragency Narcotics Enforcement Team
INETInternational Networking (conference)
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The partnership between CIGI and INET is a very fortunate one because both organizations are guided by the same respect for integrity and impartiality in research," says George Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC and Founding Sponsor of INET.
Founded in 1989, Inet Technologies is a global provider of communications software products that enable communications carriers to more strategically and profitably operate their businesses.
Our customers rely on us to provide the highest levels of protection for their corporate resources, and the ability to offer greater visibility into how we are helping them to meet their security goals is an important addition to our services," said Graham Sutcliffe, Head of Products & Portfolio at BT iNet.
With the availability of the INET connection, clients can immediately begin their individual setup and testing process to establish INET as a destination on their ADP Order Routing networks.
We have been highly impressed but not surprised at the rapid acceptance of iNet by our clients," said Joe Crouse, Senior Director, Program Management.
Inet will become part of Tektronix' Communications and Video business.
iNet is the first managed services company in the Middle East to offer a VoyenceControl NG-integrated, network compliance reporting solution.
INET is presently reviewing other acquisitions and joint ventures to position itself as a competitive force in the carrier market and a major contributor to shareholder value.
INET Classroom is a comprehensive online research and resource solution providing effective use of technology in the classroom that is academically appropriate, relevant, and easy to use.
This updated version of the solution combines Austin-Tetra's world-class global business content with best practices garnered from more than 40 of the company's existing iNet customers over the last five years.
INSTINET and INET are service marks in the United States.