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INETInstitute for New Economic Thinking (est. 2009)
INETInstitutional Network (Hawaii Department of Education)
INETInstinet LLC
iNETIntegrated Network Enhanced Telemetry
INETInstructional Network
INETInteragency Narcotics Enforcement Team
INETInternational Networking (conference)
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inets Transportation Management System (TMS) manages and optimizes the full range of transportation management processes with a web-based platform that enables real-time networking of all supply chain participants.
The LSE has always been a pioneer in developing new approaches to the social sciences, and we are delighted to be partnering with INET and collaborating with CEU on this important new initiative.
OMX has announced that the Technical Price List regarding Genium INET for Nordic derivatives has been updated with clarifications.
Genium INET is Nasdaq OMX's multi-asset trading and clearing system, which the exchange claims is capable of delivering an average latency of below 100 microseconds and a throughput of over one million messages per second.
Via their domestic and international sales and field support offices, INET supplies 50/60 -400 Hz power conversion, preconditioned air systems, and power generation for the global aviation industry.
Immediately following the commencement of this review Mike Colaco, former owner of INET Airport Systems Inc, resigned his management position in Cavotec INET and as a member of the Executive Management Committee of Cavotec SA.
According to the company, using SecureVue as the foundation for its security reporting services, BT iNet will provide its customers detailed analysis across all of its managed security offerings as a value-added service.
The partnership between CIGI and INET is a very fortunate one because both organizations are guided by the same respect for integrity and impartiality in research," says George Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC and Founding Sponsor of INET.
Our customers rely on us to provide the highest levels of protection for their corporate resources, and the ability to offer greater visibility into how we are helping them to meet their security goals is an important addition to our services," said Graham Sutcliffe, Head of Products & Portfolio at BT iNet.
We have been highly impressed but not surprised at the rapid acceptance of iNet by our clients," said Joe Crouse, Senior Director, Program Management.
Dougherty said Roadstar plans to connect hundreds of buildings to the INET Loudoun network within 18-24 months.
The unique ERP-Link iNet Business Process Optimization Platform[TM] (BOP) delivers SAP-Microsoft interoperability without requiring SAP upgrades or modifications.