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INFInfinitive (linguistics)
INFIf-Then-Else Normal Form
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INFInternational Nepal Fellowship (est. 1952)
INFInfimum (greatest lower bound)
INFIntermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
INFInternational Naturist Federation
INFIrradiated Nuclear Fuel
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INFIron Fists (Delta Force Squadron)
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where K = [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and the infimum is taken over all countable collection ([A.
Since the min and max functions return binary images, the supremum and the infimum in Eq.
Furthermore, these conditions on monoid are preserved under taking infimum and supremum (Theorem 2).
The metric-based gradient is a vectorial gradient defined as the difference between the supremum and the infimum of a defined distance on a unit neighbourhood B(x):
In some cases we will be able to find a word w inducing [pi] such that b(w) is smallest for all such words; when this happens, B([pi]) = b(w) and the infimum in Proposition 3.
j])) which implies that the infimum in the definition of [[phi].
where the infimum is over all isometric embeddings [[psi].
where the infimum is over all couplings [pi] = L(X, Y) of S'-valued random variables X, Y such that the marginals are L(X) = [[mu].
where the infimum must be taken with respect to all admissible representations [[infinity].
where the infimum is taken over the space of all g [member of] [L.
K] to meet the above infimum, and it is called the Green equilibrium measure of K.
The infimum of all norms is 1 since it is the spectral radius.