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IIRInfinite Impulse Response (digital filter design and signal processing)
IIRInstitute for International Research
IIRInstitute of Innovation Research (Japan)
IIRInternational Institute of Refrigeration (est. 1908)
IIRInfrared Imaging Radiometer
IIRIncremental Image Rendering
IIRInfinite Impulse Response
IIRInter Interface Relationships
IIRInstitute for Intergovernmental Research
IIRInstitute of International Relations
IIRIndustry Issue Resolution (pilot program of US Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Department)
IIRImaging Infrared
IIRInstallment to Income Ratio (finance)
IIRIndustrial Information Resources
IIRInternational Institute of Reflexology
IIRIntelligence Information Report
IIRIntelligent Information Retrieval
IIRIf I Recall
IIRInteractive Information Retrieval
IIRIndo-Iranian (linguistics)
IIRImmediate Impulse Response
IIRHalogenated Butyl Rubber
IIRInjury Incidence Rate
IIRImagery Interpretation Report
IIRIntermediate-Node Initiated Reservation
IIRInterlinking Internal Reference
IIRInter-Interface Relationships
IIRImagery Intelligence Report
IIRInertial Instrument Unit
IIRInitial Imagery Report
IIRIsstituto Italiano del Rame
IIRIntermediate Information Requirement
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Software engineers at Microstar Laboratories have used a compiler-provided IDE to develop a new application that gives users a simple means to specify onboard Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters that run in real time and continuously filter the sampled data stream.
Truncating this infinite impulse response after a certain time duration results in undesirable ripples (known as Gibb's ripples) in the passband and stopband.
If the output of the filter never reaches zero, the filter is termed an infinite impulse response (IIR) filter.
of Florida) introduces finite impulse response (FIR) and infinite impulse response (IIR) filters for altering a digital signal's attributes and applies MATLAB software to the design and analysis of digital filter solutions.
A second class of digital filters, infinite impulse response (IIR) filters, are introduced and several methods for designing IIR filters are discussed.
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