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IFBInvitation For Bid(s)
IFBInternet for Business (UK)
IFBInsurance Fraud Bureau
IFBIllinois Farm Bureau
IFBInstitut Français de la Biodiversité (French: French Institute of Biodiversity)
IFBInsulating Fire Brick (refractory products used to line kilns)
IFBInformatik-Fachberichte (Germany)
IFBInstitut für Flugzeugbau (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
IFBInterruptible Fold-Back
IFBInterruptible Feedback
IFBInstitut Français de Barcelone (French: French Institute of Barcelona; Barcelona, Spain)
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IFBIntermediate Functional Block (Linux operating system)
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IFBIs Finished By (time or date)
IFBIndependent Fundamentalist Baptist
IFBIntegrated Forecast Board
IFBInter Ferry Boat
IFBInstitut Français de Bucarest (French: French Institute of Bucharest; Bucharest, Romania)
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IFBIndian Fine Blanks Limited
IFBInternational Finance and Business
IFBInitiation For Bid
IFBInstallation Fixed Base
IFBInstitute für Bahntechnik (University of Berlin, Germany)
IFBInstitut Français du Bâtiment (French: French Institute of Building)
IFBInternal Fold-Back
IFBIrish Film Board (Ireland)
IFBInternationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin (German: International Film Festival of Berlin)
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In each bloc the monetary authority follows the same inflation-forecast-based (IFB) rule.
MULTIMOD's base-case monetary policy reaction functions are forward-looking inflation-forecast-based (IFB) rules.
Recall that MULTIMOD's base-case monetary policy reaction function is a forward-looking inflation-forecast-based rule under which the nominal short-term interest rate is adjusted (relative to an equilibrium level) in proportion to changes in the deviation of observed output from potential output and the deviation of forecast core inflation from an inflation target.