InfoSetXML Information Set
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Since we preserve the message semantics in the SOAP Infoset data model, HHFR is also able to handle various representations other than binary.
Beer himself supported the World Governance Project in 1993, thinking that in order to deal with global problems 'the ideal situation would be to see a proliferation of self-organized mini-parliaments (or infosets) of world citizens where Syntegrity is used to organize infosets as a total democracy' (White, 1994).
But these restrictions say nothing about content in any direct way, and thus one might conclude that it cannot be guaranteed that the infoset will consider some particular important issues, or reflect on important taken-for-granted assumptions.
Each team meets several times (usually in three iterations) and writes up a summary of its results to share with the whole Infoset.
was the facilitator of the event, while the other was part of the Infoset.
Thereupon, the members of the Infoset embarked on writing their individual 'Statements of Importance' on sticky notes and putting them up on the wall.
The general feeling in the group expressed in the brief final plenary was one of surprise about the synergy that had evolved across the Infoset and about the manifold outcomes produced.
Each member of the infoset is represented by one edge of the icosahedron.
Team Syntegrity enables an infoset to acquire centrality via a reverberative process, although the peripherality of each one of its members equals zero, i.
3) Assignment to groups (`Topic Auction'): Each member of the infoset ranks all 12 topics on a preference form.
Between 1995 and 1996, the first electronic syntegration of an infoset distributed over the world was realized.