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IAOFraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation
IAOIt's All Over (various organizations)
IAOInternational Affairs Office (various organizations)
IAOIn And Out
IAOInformation Awareness Office
IAOInput Analysis Output
IAOIndian Astronomical Observatory
IAOInformation Awareness Office (US DARPA)
IAOInformation Assurance Officer
IAOIncorporated Association of Organists (UK)
IAOIndividual Artists of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, OK)
IAOInternational Astronomy Olympiad
IAOInternational Accreditation Organization
IAOIndividual Assistance Officer
IAOIsis Apophis Osiris (alchemical formula)
IAOInformation Asset Owner (UK)
IAOInternational Association for Orthodontics
IAOIsomerized Alpha Olefin (oil)
IAOInternational Affairs Organization (various locations)
IAOIndustry Alliances Office
IAOInstituto Agronomico per l'Oltremare (Italy)
IAOInternational Announcement of Opportunity
IAOI Am Outtahere
IAOIrish Association of Orthoptists (vision; Ireland)
IAOImprovise, Adapt, Overcome
IAOInstitute for Archaeological Oceanography
IAOInstitutional Affairs Office
IAOInformation Activities Office(r)
IAOInterim Approval to Operate
IAOIndustrial Applications Office
IAOInter-Agency Committee on Oceanography
IAOIndependent Artists of Oklahoma
IAOI Am Online
IAOIntegrated Operations Architecture
IAOInformation and Computer Science (ICS) Alumni Organization (University of California, Irvine)
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In fact, DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which gave us the now-defunct Total Information Awareness office), is reportedly ready to drop a few million bucks into quantum computer research.
Civil rights advocates can identify with Hercules as they attempt to slay the Information Awareness Office, a beast that until recently resided deep in the marshes of the Pentagon.
Quizas inspirada por las ganancias, y por la sorprendente capacidad por parte de estos misteriosos inversionistas de "predecir" el devastador ataque terrorista, la Information Awareness Office (IAO) de la DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, la celebre agencia del Pentagono que, entre otras cosas, creo los cimientos de internet) trato de lanzar, a fines de julio del 2003, el Policy Analysis Market, un mercado de futuros destinado a permitir a los inversionistas especular respecto de ataques terroristas, golpes de Estado, magnicidios y otras catastrofes de origen humano que pudieran tener efecto en la politica de Estados Unidos.
One example given by the Terrorism Information Awareness Office was that a punter who believed the Jordanian monarchy would be overthrown could buy a futures contract in `Jordanian Overthrow'.
TIA is a project of the Information Awareness Office (IAO) run by Admiral John Poindexter in the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).
Now, at the Pentagon, in the Information Awareness Office, retired Navy Admiral John Poindexter is creating--with an initial $200 million of taxpayers money--a Total Information Awareness system that, as the November 15 Washington Times reported, "would be authorized to collect every type of public and private data" on any of us to discern patterns of activities that might reveal links to terrorism.
If the Information Awareness Office didn't exist, paranoid conspiracy theorists would have had to invent it.
Unrelenting in its search for Osama bin Laden and the roots of all the world's evil, the Defense Department some months ago established an Information Awareness Office that took for its letterhead emblem the all-seeing eye of God.
According to his resume -- which had been posted on the home page of the Information Awareness Office (which oversees TIA) until November, when it was removed along with the resumes of other IAO personnel -- Poindexter joined Syntek in 1996.
The designers of the Total Information Awareness office logo must have been winking at conspiracy theorists everywhere when they assembled this beauty.
John Poindexter heads the "Information Awareness Office" in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which spawned the Internet and stealth aircraft technology.
Defense Department or any congressional hearings, Poindexter has continued developing, as head of the Information Awareness Office, the resources to actualize Orwell's prophecy in 1984 that "they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to."
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