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IDRIssuer Default Rating (financial risk)
IDRInter-Domain Routing (IETF)
IDRIndonesia Rupiah (Currency Unit, ISO)
IDRIn Der Regel (German: Regulary)
IDRInterdisciplinary Research
IDRIskandar Development Region (now Iskandar Malaysia)
IDRIn-Depth Review (various locations)
IDRIntelligent Document Recognition (various companies)
IDRInternet Domain Routing
IDRImage Data Record
IDRIntelligent Document Recognition
IDRInstitutional Digital Repository (various locations)
IDRInternational Defence Review (publication)
IDRI Don't Remember
IDRInformation Document Request
IDRInstituto de Desenvolvimento Regional (Portuguese: Institute for Regional Development; Portugal)
IDRIntelligent Disaster Recovery
IDRInformal Dispute Resolution (law)
IDRInternational Depository Receipt
IDRIndiana Department of Revenue
IDRInterval Data Recorder
IDRInteractive Delphi Reconstructor (decompiler)
IDRInner Distribution Road (Reading, UK)
IDRIndustrial Disability Retirement (California)
IDRInitiative Digitaler Rundfunk (German: Digital Broadcasting Initiative)
IDRI Don't Recall
IDRIntermediate Data Rate (Sprint)
IDRIntermediate Data Record
IDRImport Duty Relief
IDRIncreased Digital Resolution (audio software; Waves Audio Ltd.)
IDRIncidence Density Ratio
IDRInterim Design Review
IDRInitial Data Release (astrophysics)
IDRInhibidor Directo de la Renina (Spanish: Direct Renin Inhibitor)
IDRInitial Design Review
IDRInter-Decile Range (statistics)
IDRInfiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild (CKY album)
IDRInstantaneous Decoding Refresh (digital TV)
IDRInduced Dimension Reduction (mathematics)
IDRInstitute of Dental Research
IDRImmediate Disaster Relief
IDRInvited Dress Rehearsal (performances)
IDRIncremental Design Review
IDRIncentive Distribution Right
IDRIndustrial Development Revenue Bond
IDRIdentification Record
IDRInternational Development Registry (UK)
IDRIntermediate Design Review
IDRInput Data Request
IDRIntegrated Diagnostic Reconfiguration (electrical engineering)
IDRIndustrial Design Regulations
IDRInspection Discrepancy Report
IDRInformal Design Review
IDRInstallation Design Review
IDRInfantry Drill Regulation
IDRIntelsat Data Rate
IDRInstrument Delivery Review
IDRIschemia-Driven Revascularization
IDRInstrument Design Review
IDRInstitute of Distribution Research (est. 1966; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Japan)
IDRIndicative Data Record
IDRIncident Detail Record (Hekimian)
IDRInternal Deviation Request
IDRIndicative Data Report
IDRInternet Data Records
IDRInherent Design Reliability
IDRInternet Direct Response, LLC (Colleyville, TX)
IDRInstinctive Drowning Response
IDRIsolated Disc Resorption
IDRImage Data Recovery (Plastic Recovery Service)
IDRInformation Difference Report
IDRIntradermic Reaction
IDRInside Dimension Ratio (pipe and tubing specification; ratio of inside diameter to wall thickness)
IDRIntertask Data Re-Distribution
IDRInspection/Deficiency Report
IDRInterface Design Requirement
IDRImpact Distribution Resources, Inc (Toronto, ON, Canada)
IDRInnovation Design & Research (UK)
IDRInstitute for Development Research, Inc. (Boston, MA)
IDRInterfaith Disaster Resources (Gulf Breeze, FL)
IDRInterest, Dividend, or Net Rental Income (US Census household income source)
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In this instance, if the taxpayer has cooperated with all information document requests (IDRs) and provided all requested information, and Examination has poorly developed the case or failed to support conclusions in the revenue agent's report, Appeals can take the case "as is" and resolve it without seeking any additional information or analysis.
For years, the IRS's Large Business and International Division (LB&I) has discussed privately and publicly the need to revise corporate exam practices by modifying how information document requests (IDRs) function in both scope and response (see Dolan, "IRS Tackles Inefficiency in Its Examinations of Large Taxpayers," 44 The Tax Adviser 716 (October 2013); and Elliott, "IRS to Revise Corporate Audit Practices, Focus Savings on International, Midmarket Businesses," 2012 TNT 59-1 (March 27,2012)).
Be clear when responding to the IRS information document request about exactly what data you are providing and not providing.
This can happen for several reasons, including (1) not adhering to Information Document Request (IDR) response times, not responding to IDRs or providing incomplete IDR responses; (2) not engaging in meaningful or good-faith issue resolution discussions; (3) failing to thoroughly disclose prior, concurrent and ongoing transactions; (4) failing to disclose a tax shelter or listed transaction; and (5) not adhering to any other MOU commitment(s).
Thus, the IRS developed for use in ongoing large case audits an information document request (IDR) on taxpayer completion of a Rev.
Under the initiatives announced during a session led by LMSB Industry Director of Communications, Technology and Media, Thomas Wilson, taxpayers would be required to respond within 20 days following receipt of an IRS information document request.
In general, the information document request will be limited to the workpapers for the listed transaction for the years under examination.
It issued a number of information document requests (IDRs) to Facebook asking for "business information .
The auditor should employ a formal tracking process, similar to that used for federal information document requests (IDRs), to track auditor requests for information and taxpayer responses.
On February 28, 2014, the IRS Large Business and International Division (LB&I) issued a directive, LB&I-04-0214-004, setting forth how LB&I intended to fundamentally change its procedures for issuing information document requests (IDR) (IRS Form 4564).
Entitled "Cutting the Abuse out of IDRs and Summonses: Every Conceivable Defense," the seminar will discuss advice for tax representatives as they respond to Information Document Requests (IDRs) and summonses, which can be burdensome.
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