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IOIowa (old style)
IOInformation Operations
IOIndian Ocean
IOInterest Only
IOIgrzyska Olimpijskie (Polish: Olympic Games)
IOInside Out (Frisbee throw)
IOIndustrial-Organizational (Psychology)
IOBritish Indian Ocean Territory
IOIf Only
IOInternational Organization
IOInformation Object
IOInformation Officer
IOInformation Overload
IOInfrastructure Optimization
IOIndirect Object
IOIntermon Oxfam (Spain)
IOIntelligence Officer
IOIn Organization (banking)
IOInvestigating Officer (law enforcement)
IOIndustrial Operations
IOInformation Output
IOInternal Order
IOInstitutional Official (various organizations)
IOImperial Order (gaming)
IOIonium (Thorium Isotope)
IOInsertion Order (web advertising)
IOIllumninati Order
IOInternal Organ
IOIntercept Officer (US Navy)
IOInstitute of Oceanography
IOIntegrated Operations (oil industry)
IOInteractive Optimum (cable services)
IOIndian Orchard (Springfield, MA)
IOImmigration Officer
IOIntelligence Oversight
IOIntegrated Optics
IOIlluminati Online
IOInformation Orientation
IOIndependent Observations
IOImmediate Office
IOInboard Outboard (boat drive system)
IOInput Operator
IOInternational Officer
IOInfinitely Often
IOIntermediate Objective
IOInspecciòn Ocular (Guatemala, police task force)
IOInsignificant Other
IOInitial Only
IOiodine monoxide
IOInformation Outlet (LAN)
IOInexperienced Operator
IOInspectie van het Onderwijs (Dutch)
IOInstant Outlining
IOInstalling Officer (International Order of DeMolay)
IOInventory Objective
IOIdiot Operator
IOInvestOne (software)
IOIsomerized Olefin
IOInteroperability Objective
IOIndividually Optimum
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Mason, R.O., Measuring Information Output: A Communication Systems Approach.
Its many agencies have used the Internet, and the Web most recently, to provide access to a great quantity of their information output. Several agencies such as the Library of Congress and the Government Printing Office have taken a leading role in both providing information and offering finding aids, while other endeavors such as FirstGov and subject gateways offer other avenues of access.
In a recent survey, The 106 Group defined a method of working with spatial information digitally that has introduced new levels of control, accuracy, and information output. This method included applying the latest technologies in Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and the Internet.
Its information output, right up to the pressroom, is digitized-a perfect fit for the electronic superhighway.
Comic Lenz Salinas, voice information administrator for the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman, said the paper's non-traditional information output includes a popular facsimile service on university sports programs and skiing reports.
Simply put, what kind of information output does he or she prefer -- large print, braille or synthetic speech?
To cope with the greatly expanded information output and demand, administrators of big libraries have moved, with varying degrees of enthusiasm, to introduce new electronic equipment.
For the virtual flap, you can choose from four styles of information output: "Modern Classics", "Sport" with black and yellow scales, "Progressive" with a digital representation, and "Restrained", where the minimum information is displayed on the flap.
The actual anxiety began after the information output on revision of the U.S.
The third role, that of information intermediaries, is clearly the one which, in this age of growing information output, growing information access, and therefore growing information confusion, poses the greatest potential for this field, as Drucker recognized in his stressing of the importance of knowledge workers.
This yields full information output of nontraded goods,
The Package Subscription Plan is $50.00 for the initial subscription fee and includes $100.00 worth of service applicable to connect time or information output usage, valid for 12 months, and a BIOSIS Connection Search Guide.
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