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IWBLInstitute for Work Based Learning (Middlesex University; UK)
IWBLIt Won't Be Long (Beatles song)
IWBLInformation Warfare Battlelab (Air Intelligence Agency, Kelly AFB, TX)
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*** Air Force Information Warfare Battlelab, Lackland AFB, Texas
This established the initial six battlelabs: 1) Air Expeditionary Force (AEF) Battlelab, 2) Command and Control Battlelab (C2B), 3) Force Protection Battlelab, 4) Information Warfare Battlelab, 5) Space Battlelab, and 6) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Battlelab.
The Management Award went to Capt Dan Tadevich (AF Information Warfare Battlelab).
AFIWC is parent to the Air Force information warfare battlelab and the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT).
Capt Dan Tadevich of the Information Warfare Battlelab was the Tournament Chair.
Government Management Award: presented to Maj Douglas DeHart, USAF, for outstanding management of six Information Warfare Battlelab operational demonstrations that provide innovative solutions for EW, computer-systems security and intelligence applications.
Demonstrations and testing under a $690,000 contract awarded to Condor by the USAF Information Warfare Battlelab (Kelly AFB, San Antonio, TX) were conducted initially in August 1999 at the Dynamic Electromagnetic Environment Simulator (Wright-Patterson AFB, OH).
His last assignment was Special Assistant to the Commander and Project Officer, US Air Force Information Warfare Battlelab (Kelly AFB, TX).
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