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I2PIdea to Product (academic competition; University of Texas at Austin)
I2PInvisible Internet Project
I2PInformation to Pharmacists (web magazine; Australia)
I2PIndustry Information Processor
I2PIntroduction to Physics (college course; various locations)
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With more than 1,500 retail pharmacy customers nationwide currently using the software in their pharmacies, PioneerRx selected Elsevier to help the organization and its customers improve patient safety and outcomes by providing information to pharmacists such as important drug interaction alerts, dosage parameters, drug pricing and image verification.
Recognizing that the product's dual-label status could result in confusion, Duramed has designed the CARE (Convenient Access, Responsible Education) service to provide information to pharmacists and other health care professionals--as well as consumers--regarding the proper distribution and use of Plan B, as well as the age requirements for obtaining the product, noted Niemann.
has been providing educational and factual information to pharmacists and consumers about the safety and efficacy of vitamin E supplements.
In response many insurance companies were bolstering call center staffs and providing more information to pharmacists.
In addition, the company is providing continuing education and other information to pharmacists, who make about 550,000 recommendations on poison ivy treatments every month.
That is why the Pharmacy Care Alliance is now working to provide information to pharmacists about the upcoming changes to Medicare so that they have the information they need to do their job well and keep their customers informed.
provides educational and product information to pharmacists participating in its program.
Just as the company provides such information to pharmacists and consumers, it also has a message for attendees at the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Marketplace Conference.
Our goal is to provide crucial health care information to pharmacists around the country who are on the front lines with consumers.
The supplier has sponsored research on the relationship between antioxidants and health, and it maintains the Lipton Tea & Health Information Center to provide information to pharmacists and other interested parties.
She agrees that providing information to pharmacists is also essential, citing the company's offering of continuing education programs for them.
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