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IIDImperial Irrigation District (California)
IIDIf in Doubt
IIDIgnition Interlock Device (automotive security system)
IIDInvention, Innovation and Design (Malaysia)
IIDIncident Identification
IIDInstruction Identification
IIDInstance Identifier
IIDInterface Identifier
IIDInspector Identification
IIDImage Identification
IIDInterface Identifier (Component Object Model)
IIDIndependent & Identically Distributed (statistics)
IIDInternational Institute for Democracy (est. 1987)
IIDImperial Institute of Design (India)
IIDIntegrated Infrastructure Development
IIDIndian Institute of Development
IIDImprovised Incendiary Device
IIDInstitute for Interreligious Dialogue
IIDInformation for Investment Decisions, Inc.
IIDInfinite Improbability Drive (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams)
IIDInternal Investigations Division (law enforcement; various locations)
IIDIterative Incremental Development
IIDInternal Iterative Deepening (chess programming technique)
IIDInsulin Independent Diabetes
IIDInstituto de Investigación de Diabetes (Spanish: Diabetes Research Institute)
IIDIntegrated Information Display
IIDIntegrated Interoperability Demonstration
IIDIndian Institute of Design (New Delhi, India)
IIDInfrared Intrusion Detection