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Caption: This close-up view highlights the three elements of the Airbus D&S Muss, with the infrared jammer on the top, the sensor heads on the turret sides, and the grenade launcher.
The system calls on passive electro-optical and active radar sensors, soft-kill countermeasures (infrared jammers and decoys) and hard-kill counter-munitions.
* L166B1A: Airborne fixed-source infrared jammer designed for installation on helicopters such as the AH-1, UH-60, CH-46, Mi-8MT/Mi-17 Hip, Mi-24 Hind and Mi-25 Havoc.
As JED understands it, IHEWS incorporated the Litton Pegasus radar warning receiver (RWR), ITT's AN/ALQ-136 pulse radar jammer, Northrop's AN/ALQ-162 continuous-wave radar jammer, a variant of Lockheed-Sanders' AN/ALQ-144 fixed-source infrared jammer, Tracor's "threat adaptive" AN/ALE-47 decoy dispenser and Hughes' AN/AVR-2 laser warner.
The Soviet's concern for the threat posed by Stinger and Redeye shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles is evidenced by an aft-pointing fixed-source infrared jammer and a chaff/flare system with a reported 192-cartridge capacity.
The advanced tank also features sophisticated armor, ensuring all-round protection of the crew and critical systems, including explosive reactive armor and active infrared jammers to defend the T-90 from inbound rocket-propelled grenades, anti-tank missiles and other projectiles.
On September 9, 2008, Congress was notified of a possible sale of 12 AH-64D APACHE Longbow Helicopters, along with 30 T700-GE-701D Engines, 12 Modernized Targeting Acquisition and Designation Systems/Pilot Night Vision Sensors, 4 each AN/APG-78 Fire Control Radars and AN/APR-48 Radar Frequency Interferometers, 28 M299 HELLFIRE Longbow Missile Launchers, 12 AN/ALQ-144C(V)3 Infrared Jammers, 12 AN/APR-39A(V)4 Radar Signal Detecting Sets, 12 AN/ALQ-136(V)5 Radar Jammers, 12 AAR-57(V)3/5 Common Missile Warning Systems, 36 Improved Countermeasures Dispensers, and 12 AN/AVR-2B Laser Warning Sets.
The systems have missile warning receivers, infrared jammers and decoy flares but unguided rounds from machine guns or RPGs are difficult to evade and impossible to jam.
The proposal calls for spending USD100m over two years, and encourages contractors to use existing defences such as infrared jammers that redirect heat-seeking rockets away from aircraft engines.
He said: "They are likely to have infrared jammers which would attempt to 'spoof' the systems in many surface to air missiles, including the type that was seized in America.
In America, BAE Systems offers the AN/ALQ-144 jammer, while Russia has integrated infrared jammers on Mil helicopters.
Examples of infrared jammers include Russia's L166S1 Sukhogruz, which is fitted at the tail of the Su-25T/39, and covers a 50[degrees] sector.