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IngIngeniero (Spanish: engineer)
IngInglewood (California)
IngIngenieur (Dutch: engineer)
IngIngenieur (German: engineer)
IngIndex Nominum Genericorum
IngIraqi National Guard
IngIsaac Newton Group (of Telescopes)
IngIslamic Networks Group
IngInternational Network of Golf
IngInactive National Guard
IngInzenyr (Czech academic title engineer, corresponds to MSc)
IngInternationale Nederlanden Groep NV (Dutch bank)
IngInternet and Networking Group (Motorola)
IngIndianapolis Neurosurgical Group (Indianapolis, IN)
IngInternational Netherlands Group bank
IngIntelligence Network Gateway (X-Files)
References in classic literature ?
There was an occasional flash and glimmer of steel from the backs of all these huge crawl- ing reptiles.
Loud and vociferous congratulations were showered upon the maiden, who stood panting and regard- ing the troops with defiance.
They told him there that my ship was first on turn for next morn ing, and I believe he told them he was in no hurry.
Altogether that unnecessary uproar was distract ing, but down there in my cabin I took it calmly.
In another moment it was on the bank, and in a stride wad- ing halfway across.
It struck the tower of Shepperton Church, smash- ing it down as the impact of a battering ram might have done, swerved aside, blundered on and collapsed with tre- mendous force into the river out of my sight.
He crept into one of these boxes and laid down there in the clothes in which he had left his home many days before, keep- ing his bundle and his stick by his side.
They would arrive on market days driv- ing in a peasant's cart, and would set up an office in an inn or some other Jew's house.
I've been sitting here and think- ing it over and I'm going to do it.
Blush- ing with pleasure, she stepped forward, closing the door softly.
I just expected there'd be somebody lay- ing down in it, because people often done that to fool folks, and when a chap had pulled a skiff out most to it they'd raise up and laugh at him.
He presently halted under a great elm, blew an answer- ing blast, and then began to tiptoe and look warily out, this way and that.