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Higher Stiffness Compared With ABS Offers Potential For Lightweighting Ingeo High Modulus 49% Increase Ingeo Medium Modulus 32% Increase Ingeo High Impact 30% Increase Note: Table made from bar graph.
The three new grades extend the Ingeo property range and enable users to tune crystallization rate and stiffness (above the glass transition temperature) for custom formulations.
The new grades broaden the application window for Ingeo use in the production of personal care and hygiene products, filtration media, medical fabrics, civil engineering fabrics and geotextile and agricultural fabrics.
Currently, Ingeo relies on carbon from CO2 feedstock that has been fixed or sequestered through photosynthesis into simple plant sugars, known as first generation materials.
With the formation of the joint venture, NatureWorks plans to commercialize a new family of compounded Ingeo resin grades, and is immediately offering samples of developmental grades aimed at thermoforming and injection-molding processes.
According to Natureworks, manufacturing Ingeo produces 60 percent less greenhouse gases and uses 50 percent less non-renwable energy than traditional polymers like PET and polystyrene.
NatureWorks notes that compared with racemic lactide's melting point of nearly 130[degrees]C, and L- and D-lactide's 97[degrees]C, Ingeo M700's melting point is below 60[degrees]C.
A trusted provider of electronic document recording technology, Ingeo Systems, Inc.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has become the first global carrier to switch from using conventional oil-based polystyrene coffee and tea cups to paper ones made with Ingeo coating.
ENERGY RESOURCE-12 March 2009-NatureWorks Scouting Sites for New Plant for Manufacturing Ingeo Biopolymers(C)2009 JeraOne - http://www.
The skirt's fabric is woven from the new compostable biotech fiber Ingeo, made from dextrose corn sugar.
has expanded its collection of environmentally sound Ingeo bedding products that are made of a renewable fiberfill and a bamboo cover.