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Parallel breakout sessions over the next two days will explore market integrating presentations on key market drivers with new Ingeo product and application technologies.
Material VST ([degrees]C) Reference Ingeo 3052D PLA (12,2 N) 66.2 [+ or -] 1.4 Reference PP (12,2 N) 148.8 [+ or -]0.6 PLA + fiber (12,2 N) 67.5 [+ or -] 0.4 PLA/PHB blend (12,2 N) 87.6 Sc-PLA (12,2 N) 152.7 [+ or -]0.1 Reference Ingeo 3052D PLA (6.1 N) 57.9 [+ or -] 0.2 PLA + 2% Joncryl FA 1009 (6.1 N) 58.1+0.7 PLA + 2% Joncryl FA 11005 (6.1 N) 57.7 [+ or -]0.1 Reference Ingeo 6400D PLA (6.1 N) 56.1 [+ or -]0.4 PLA + 5% Cloisite 15A (6.1 N) 52.9 [+ or -]3.7 PHB (6.1 N) 154.8 [+ or -]0.2 PHB + 2% Joncryl FA 1009 (6.1 N) 154.1 [+ or -]0.1 PHB + 0.1% Hyperform[R] HPN 20E (6.1 N) 155.4 [+ or -]0.3 PHB + 0.1% Hyperform[R] HPN 68L (6.1 N) 156.7 [+ or -]0.3 TABLE 6.
NatureWorks, compounders, converters and coffee companies used Ingeo to make capsules that meet temperature, pressure and filtration requirements, yet are still compostable.
In the market for more than a decade, NatureWorks continues to broaden its portfolio of functional Ingeo bioplastics used in a host of consumer and industrial products, including food serviceware, rigid and flexible packaging, toys, electronics, nonwoven filtration materials, and personal care products.
NatureWorks disclosed on Tuesday the launch of a marketing and sales agreement of Ingeo in India and surrounding countries, including Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, in partnership with Northern Technologies International (NasdaqGM:NTIC) and its subsidiary Natur-Tec India Pvt.
"INGEO is compostable in industrial composting sites, and will breakdown in a home composting bin."
The three new grades extend the Ingeo property range and enable users to tune crystallization rate and stiffness (above the glass transition temperature) for custom formulations.
Currently, Ingeo relies on carbon from CO2 feedstock that has been fixed or sequestered through photosynthesis into simple plant sugars, known as first generation materials.
Its line of compostable toothbrushes and travel cases are made from a plant-based resin called Ingeo.
Repurpose cups are made from paper and the lining comes from NatureWorks LLC's Ingeo corn-based resin.
The joint venture is to invest USD150m in NatureWorks LLC, a bioplastics manufacturer and supplier of its broad family of renewable Ingeo biopolymers made from plants, to plastics and fibres markets worldwide.