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FAIVIngwavuma (airport code; South Africa)
FAIVFranceurope Accordéon Instrument a Vent (French wind instrument accordian; prize)
FAIVFederación de las Asociaciones Italo-Venezolanas (Spanish: Federation of Italian-Venezuelan Associations)
FAIVFederazione Artigiani Imprenditori Vicentini (Italian: Artisan Entrepreneurs Federation Vicentini)
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His reports on the Maputoland districts of Ingwavuma and Ubombo for instance, laid the foundations for the large-scale growing of commercial trees in these areas.
In 2000, British doctor Ann Barnard registered Ingwavuma Orphan Care as a nonprofit that identifies children whose parents died of AIDS, looks for foster parents, feeds and shelters them, and, if resources permit, funds their tuition and school uniforms.
This prompted the expansion of control measures to Ubombo and Ingwavuma in 1953.
Ingwavuma virus in Thailand, infection of domestic pigs.
(3) It was later consolidated through the pathological coercion of apartheid, producing distinctive episodes of violence, including those associated with the so-called 'Land Deal' of 1982--4 (in which efforts by the apartheid state to 'incorporate' the territory, along with Ingwavuma, into Swaziland induced violent contestation between competing factions that was far more pronounced and persistent than has ever been recorded or recognized).
The positive spirit and inspirational values of the rural doctors collectively are tangible at a meeting such as this, as delegates exchanged stories and perspectives from dozens of isolated locations, 'from Tristan da Cunha, to Taung, to Mqanduli, to Ingwavuma, to Siteki'.
Government health care in the Ingwavuma sub-district, in which Mosvold Hospital is situated, is provided by the hospital, 10 residential clinics and 3 mobile clinic teams.
We have 4 current local capacity programmes: 1 in Swaziland with the Lutheran Development Services, 1 in Lesotho with Malealea Development Trust, and 2 in KwaZulu-Natal with Ingwavuma Orphan Care and the Woza Moya Project.
Tucker develops the ability to call Ingwavuma, a lion with whom she has a mystical connection, and Maria Khosa herself had successfully warned the lion to stay out of range when he was selected to be shot by a hunter's bullet.
A 1982 court ruling nullified the excision of the Ingwavuma district of Kwazulu (Abel 1995:489).
Registered charity Zisize - meaning `help yourself' in Zulu - and The Heaton Lee Memorial Trust operate a library, community and resource centre in Ingwavuma, KwaZuluNatal, Africa.