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IHInternational Harvester
IHInterstate Highway
IHInternational House (world organisation)
IHInguinal Hernia
IHInduction Heating
IHIndian Hills (College in Iowa)
IHIntracranial Hypertension
IHIncredible Hulk (comic character)
IHInstitute of Hydrology (UK)
IHIntermittent Hypoxia
IHInformation Highway
IHHold Current (maximum current a fuse will pass without interruption)
IHInfectious Hepatitis
IHImmersion Heater
IHIntermediate Host (life cycle of parasites)
IHIntense Hurricane
IHIcelandic Horse
IHIntegrated Humanities (schools)
IHInformációs Hivatal (Information Office, Hungary; since 1989)
IHIndividual History
IHInner Housing
IHIdiopathic Hemihypertrophy
IHInitial Heading
IHImproved Hawk
IHIdiopathic Hyperventilation
IHInert Head
IHIndependent Holder (classified documents/material)
IHIndustrial Hygienist/Hygiene
IHIntercomputer Handler
IHInstituti I Hitorisë (Albanian: Institute of History in Kosova)
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Takeda, Watanabe, Takahashi, and Tauchi (2006) investigated the ability of participants who were blind to walk in a straight line for approximately 30 feet when they used a standardized Japanese guiding surface of bar tiles to establish their initial heading.
The initial heading was 178 degrees, and the exit heading was 116 degrees.
The controller usually will respond with a transponder code and may ask your initial heading.
I know from my own experience as a simulator instructor that single-pilot "gear up, autopilot on" pilots tend to be less precise in following an initial heading and clearance.
If it makes you feel better, you can ask ATC for the initial heading or verify it with them.
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