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IPOCIndigenous and People of Color (community)
IPOCInstituto Profesional Odontológico Contemporáneo (Spanish: Profesional Contemporary Dental Institute; Mexico)
IPOCIntegrated Proceeds of Crime (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
IPOCInterim Policy Oversight Committee
IPOCInstituto Pagan Odontologico Contemporáneo (Spanish; Mexican orthodontics school)
IPOCInterdisciplinary Plan of Care
IPOCIowa Procurement Outreach Center
IPOCInitial Point Of Contact (Sprint)
IPOCInternational Partner Operations Center
IPOCInland Police Officers Coalition, Inc. (California, USA)
IPOCInternet Party of Canada
IPOCInstitutional Point(s) of Contact
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For many people travelling in Alberta, these providers represent their initial point of contact and can help influence them to extend their stays, try new experiences and promote Alberta.
The goal of AccidentFirm's redesign was not only to produce an easy-to-use, attractive initial point of contact for personal injury victims, but to provide a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in learning more about personal injury law.
From the initial point of contact to it being agreed was about six weeks and I thought at one point he'd have said f*** him, who does he think he is?
One participant described the attempted recruitment as moving from "flattery" at the initial point of contact to "veiled intimidation" if converts rejected their first overtures.
It's the first step in our ultimate goal of creating an ED behavioral health team that includes a psychiatrist, an emergency physician, nursing staff, social worker, and others who can provide the patient with comprehensive care at the initial point of contact.
Regarding North Wales Police, the report said the force should improve its identification and assessment of risk to vulnerable people at the initial point of contact by ensuring staff who work within the control room consistently use approved force processes, designed to support the assessment of risk together with effective supervision of their decision making.
VHTs serve as a community's initial point of contact for health and social services, as well as helping to build social capital and understanding of basic health services and lifestyle choices.
From our initial point of contact we will undertake a strategic client review identifying clients specific requirements and level of investment.
Ted: Our initial point of contact is dependent upon the industry and the structure of the company.
The trust plans to make the service more equal by introducing a single point of entry as the initial point of contact.
Dix will serve as the initial point of contact on frac sand for public, private, legislative and media inquiries on the DNR's regulatory authorities and interaction with the industrial sand sector.
Summary: Primary care physicians (PCP) play an important role as the initial point of contact for patients in early detection of breast cancer.
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