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IV4 (Roman numeral)
IVIndependent Variable
IVImmigrant Visa
IVIn Vitro
IVInvestigator (USCG Rating)
IVInteractive Video
IVIvory Coast (now Cote d'Ivoire)
IVInverness (postcode, United Kingdom)
IVCote d'Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast)
IVInitialization Vector
IVInitial Value
IVIndependent Verification
IVIsla Vista (California)
IVInput Voltage
IVImplied Volatility (finance)
IVCurrent Voltage
IVInstrumental Variable
IVInformation Visualization
IVIntervarsity Christian Fellowship (usually seen as IVCF)
IVIntravaginal (obstetrics)
IVIntegrierte Versorgung (German: Integrated Health Care)
IVInternational Visitor
IVInitial Velocity
IVInteramente Versato (Italian: Fully Paid-Up)
IVIntelligent Vehicles
IVIntrinsic Viscosity
IVInverted Vertical
IVIndividual Value (Pokémon video game)
IVIn Vertretung (German: By Proxy)
IVIntroversion Software (game company)
IVIntra Vascular
IVInnoventions (Disneyland, EPCOT)
IVInsurance to Value (insurance)
IVIntercepter Vehicle
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These values helped to plot a graph representing the angle of entry according to the angle of throw [alpha], graphically represented in parallel with the one describing the initial velocity required by [alpha] for a more intuitive analysis.
86 g/min/hole, a polymer melt primary temperature 360[degrees]C, an air initial velocity 90.
The subsequent state of system for the two cases could be determined by (23) and (24) and it is worthy to note that the initial lengths of these two tethers are obtained by assuming that they have deployed for 2 s with the initial velocity along the separation direction.
For wedge jumps (see Figure 1, series A), the initial velocity and maximum height were calculated for all three treatments.
It would seem the pellets are destabilizing in flight, but the initial velocity is too great for that.
Examining the diagram of the T-shirt launcher (Figure 1), we can use trigonometric relationships to write equations for the initial velocity vector, vi, in terms of the launch angle, [theta], and velocity vectors, [v.
This first volume is a collection of reviews on fast ion-atom and ion-molecule collisions, where fast means that the initial velocity of the projectile is considerably larger than the Bohr orbiting velocity of the target electron.
A charged particle with its mass m, electric quantity q, initial velocity [v.
CME transit durations are very variable, typically between 1 and 3 days, being driven by the CME's initial velocity and the ambient solar wind conditions at the time.
For later experiments in which parameters are varied, the initial velocity can be used for comparison.
However, the initial velocity of material leaving Planet d is not enough to allow exchanges among planets.
Even if initial velocity is high, at longer range it's quite the reverse; the toughest bullets may not expand much at all, so "softer" bullets that expand rapidly become better choices.