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P]) and initial water content as a function of the smectite percentage and (h) the void ratio as a function of the vertical stress in oedometer tests.
The demands of consolidated drained test are 20% of initial water content, 1.
Moreover, it can be found that the apparent viscosity of cellulose spinning dopes prepared by the two-step dissolving process decreased with the increase of the initial water content in aqueous [BMIM]CI solution.
Parlange (1975) demonstrated that, for homogeneous, uniform initial water content and infinite soil column length, S could be defined as:
2002), the parameter n in the Page model depends on the drying air speed and initial water content of the product and k depends on temperature and initial water content.
Some researchers concluded that although the swelling decrease with an increase of the initial water content, the swelling pressure was independent of initial water content but strongly dependent on the initial dry density and vertical pressure [5, 6].
Sieved topsoil with an initial water content [[theta].
To minimize the variability of the initial water content, seeds were equilibrated at 55% relative humidity over a saturated solution of [Mg([NO.
Therefore, the drop in the final molecular weight can be much more significant for a larger starting molecular weight than a smaller starting molecular weight for the same initial water content, as shown in Fig.
The initial water content of the coffee beans was determined through gravimetry using a forced-air circulation oven at 105 [+ or -] 1[degrees]C for 24 h (Brasil, 2009) in triplicate.