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ISRIntelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
ISRImpuesto Sobre la Renta (Spanish: Income Tax; Mexico)
ISRInterrupt Service Routine (assembly programming)
ISRInstitute for Systems Research (University of Maryland)
ISRInstitute for Social Research
ISRInstitute for Software Research (University of California, Irvine)
ISRInternational Socialist Review (US leftist journal)
ISRIntersphincteric Resection (cancer)
ISRInternational Socialist Resistance (youth organization)
ISRIntegrated Stress Response
ISRInvestissement Socialement Responsable (French: Socially Responsible Investment)
ISRInvestigator-Sponsored Research (medical research)
ISRInfant Swimming Resource (Winter Park, FL)
ISRInformation Systems Research (MIS journal)
ISRIn Situ Recovery (mining process)
ISRInformation, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
ISRInstituto de Sistemas e Robotica (University of Coimbra; Portugal)
ISRI Scream Records (est. 1994; Brussels, Belgium)
ISRIn Soviet Russia (gaming)
ISRIntersecting Storage Rings (CERN)
ISRInstruction Sampling Recording
ISRInterrupt Status Register
ISRInterrupt Service Routine
ISRIntermediate Session Routing
ISRIntegrated Services Router
ISRIdeal Software Radio
ISRIn Stent Restenosis
ISRInverter Spike Resistant (magnet wire insulation)
ISRInside Sales Representative (HP)
ISRIncoherent Scatter Radar
ISRImmediate Serial Recall (memory)
ISRInduced Systemic Resistance (plant biology)
ISRInstrument Science Report
ISRInternational Star Registry (est. 1979; Illinois)
ISRInternational Society of Radiology
ISRIndustrial Security Regulation (US DoD 5220.22-R)
ISRIndustry Sponsored Research (various organizations)
ISRInformation Science Reference (publishing imprint)
ISRIntermediate Session Routing (IBM)
ISRInstallation Status Report
ISRInternational Simple Resale
ISRIncome Sensitive Repayment (Federal Family Education Loan Program)
ISRInformation Services and Resources
ISRInternational Survey Research
ISRInstitute of Surgical Research (University of Munich, Germany)
ISRInternational Statistical Review
ISRInternational Shipping Register (various locations)
ISRIndustrial Special Risks
ISRInformation Service Representative (various companies)
ISRIndividual School Range (head teacher salary scale; UK)
ISRInteractive Student Response
ISRIndependent Shifting Rod (Lamborghini transmission)
ISRInsurance Service Representative (various locations)
ISRIncurred Sample Reanalysis
ISRInternational Student Registration (Long Beach United School District; Long Beach, CA)
ISRInternet Suspend Resume
ISRInjection Site Reaction
ISRInformation Systems Resources
ISRIrish Society for Rheumatology (Ireland)
ISRIndie Spinner Rack (talk show)
ISRInstitute for Scientific Research, Inc
ISRInstitute for Surgical Research (Brooke Army Medical Center, TX, Medical Research Materiel Command, US Army)
ISRInterrupt Service Register
ISRIntegrated Switching Regulator (Electronics)
ISRInitial Service Release
ISRInternal Service Request
ISRIndividualised Student Record (UK)
ISRInformation Storage & Retrieval
ISRIndirect Source Review
ISRIntra Squad Radio
ISRImmediate System Recovery (Raxco)
ISRImplementation Status Report
ISRIntegrated Switch Router
ISRIn-Service Repair
ISRInland Slope Rebels (Riverside, CA)
ISRInstitute for Safety Research and Reactor Technology
ISRInstitute of Snow Research
ISRIrish Sports Report (Notre Dame; Indiana)
ISRIn Service Review
ISRInfrared Scanning Radiometer
ISRIn School Restriction (punishment)
ISRIndependent Science Review
ISRIn-Service Recruiter
ISRIntegrated SONET Router (Cisco)
ISRIndependent Safety Review
ISRIdentification Safety Range
ISRInterference Subspace Rejection
ISRIntermediate Stress Relief
ISRInterim Systems Review
ISRInventory/Sales Ratio
ISRIndependent Sufficiency Review
ISRInterviewer Severity Rating
ISRInstitute of Species Research (India)
ISRIntelligence, Sensors, Reconnaissance
ISRImmediate Spray Reroute
ISRInput Storage Receiver
ISRIndividual Soldier Radio
ISRInspection/Surveillance Report
ISRInformation Services Request
ISRInitial Source Requisition
ISRInvestment Strategy Review
ISRIntegrated Switch Router Technical Specification
ISRInstructional System Review
ISRInitial Services Requirements (Sprint)
ISRInformation Source Repository
ISRIntegrated Service Request (Sprint PCS)
ISRInstitutional Supporting Research
ISRInternal State Reversion
ISRIngénieur Sûreté Radioprotection (French: Radiation Safety Engineer)
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Lipohypertrophy (LH) is an important and clinically significant injection site reaction (ISR), which is a complication of insulin therapy.
Among its side effects were injection site reactions, increases in alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels, and steatosis.
The infants in the wide, long needle group had fewer injection site reactions than either of the other two groups.
SAN DIEGO -- Large injection site reactions following the fifth dose of DTaP vaccine appear to be over three times more likely when the injection is given in the arm than in the thigh, Dr.
The most common side effects included injection site reactions, hypersensitivity (allergic) reactions, nasopharyngitis (swelling of the nasal passages and throat) and dizziness.
In these three studies, the most commonly-reported adverse events were injection site reactions, including pain.
As with Humira, "the most common expected adverse reactions with Amjevita are infections and injection site reactions," the FDA said.
Injection site reactions, including hematoma, pruritus, and erythema, were found in 2.
Injection site reactions and systemic adverse events, such as lever, are more common with the high-dose vaccine, hut are generally mild and transient.
People who received the high-dose Fluzone vaccine were also more likely to experience injection site reactions and systemic adverse events following vaccination.
However, while around 25 percent of patients experienced improvement in their symptoms, the improvements were less than those seen with other biologies; the drug also caused more injection site reactions and infections.