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ICVIntegrity Check Value (IETF Authentication Header for IPV6 and V4)
ICVInternational Certificate of Vaccination (World Health Organization)
ICVIniciativa per Catalunya Verds
ICVIntermediate Commercial Vehicle
ICVIllegal Control Variable
ICVIntegrity Check Value
ICVInternational Corporate Video
ICVInternational Cruise Victims (advocacy group)
ICVInfantry Carrier Vehicle
ICVIdle Control Valve (automotive)
ICVInterval Control Valve (energy production)
ICVInfantry Combat Vehicle
ICVImpuesto de Circulación de Vehículos (Spanish: Vehicle Road Tax; various locations)
ICVInternal Combustion Vehicle (automobiles)
ICVIleocecal Valve
ICVIntegrated Cement Volume (oil production)
ICVInternational Conference Volunteers (Geneva, Switzerland)
ICVInitial Calibration Verification
ICVIndependent Custody Visitor
ICVInlet Check Valve (automotive)
ICVInternational Congress of Vexillology
ICVIndice du Coût de la Vie (French: Cost of Living Index)
ICVInternational Corporate Volunteering
ICVintracellular volume
ICVInteractive Computer Vision (workshop)
ICVIncremental Contract Value
ICVIndividually Constructed Vehicle (Australia)
ICVIrrigation Control Valve
ICVInternational Cognitive Visualization (degree program; various universities)
ICVInterChip Via
ICVIntracranial Vault
ICVIndividual Cell Voltage
ICVIctus Cerebrovascularis (Catalan: Cerebrovascular Stroke)
ICVIncoming Verification
ICVInventory Carry Value
ICVIndependent Commanders Viewer
ICVInter Company Voucher
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The vehicles will be inspected to determine if the tank is defective or the inlet check valve weld has been damaged.
The dealers are inspecting and repairing the inlet check valve if required.
The Flex 4 SCU offers a full complement of valve options, including manual steering check, inlet relief valve, inlet check valve, cylinder relief valve and anti-cavitation valve.
Tenders are invited for Kit For Inlet Check Valve For Gm Loco For Faiveley Make Air Dryer To Ftil Pt.
4106080 Qty2, Inlet Check Valve Assembly Kit: 26 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No4104050 Qty 2, 27 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No.
Tenders are invited for Inlet Check Valve Kit Ad Ftrtil Part No.
Of this year's models, more than 50,000 Jeep Grand Cherokees were recalled for faulty fuel inlet check valves.