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IGVImpuesto General A Las Ventas (General Sales Tax; Peru)
IGVInlet Guide Vanes
IGVIstituto di Genetica Vegetale (Italian: Institute of Vegetebal Genetics)
IGVInstitut für Getreideverarbeitung Gmbh (German: Institute for Cereal Processing Ltd)
IGVIncremental Growth Vehicle
IGVImproved Guardrail V
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Cyrus, "Aerodynamic performance of an axial compressor stage with variable rotor blades and variable inlet guide vanes," in Proceedings of the ASME International Gas Turbine and Aeroengine Congress and Exhibition, GT 1998, ASME, Stockholm, Sweden, June 1998.
For an axial compressor, dynamic performance data such as the "Inlet Guide Vane" (IGV) stroke speed, the control and actuator delay, the valve stroke time, and other system dynamics should be involved in the dynamic model/simulation based on accurate and actual information.
The original problem was based on a possible requirement for a design simplification of the assembly of the variable inlet guide vane (VIGV) mechanism of an engine, which had at that time been in production for several years.
Hence there is significant interaction between the wakes produced by inlet guide vanes, the baseline struts and the wall boundary layer.
These three components work together to schedule the five engine control loops of main and augmenter fuel flow, fan Inlet Guide Vanes (IGVs), compressor Variable Stator Vanes (VSVs), and the exhaust Nozzle Position (NOZ POS).
Disassemble inlet guide vanes to a fixed open position.
Chromalloy Israel, located in Kiryat Gat, Israel, specializes in overhaul and coating of jet engine components, including turbine vanes and blades, fan blades, variable inlet guide vanes, afterburner flaps and other components.
The thirty-one CAV AHUs with constant speed motors consumed excessive fan power under partial load conditions, of which twenty-one were designed with two-position inlet guide vanes for the supply fans.
For compressors with inlet guide vanes, compressor map is represented by a new family of curves that do not depend on suction conditions either.
The swirling component of velocity may arise either from the presence of inlet guide vanes or any other components preceding the diffuser, e.g., a compressor, or from rotation of the central shaft through the diffuser.
"In the past ventilation systems were designed with either constant airflow or variable air volume system that used dampers or in adjustable inlet guide vanes. Both these systems are characterized by energy waste," said Antonio Lizzi, the company's sales area manager.