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All algorithms are fast and accurate enough for high-performance inline inspection. All outputs are provided in standard image formats so they can be processed using standard machine vision libraries.
"Automated inline inspection is the core of our Gocator solution.
Pipeline operators can use the predictive software to make more effective decisions for repair and replacement and reduce the frequency of costly inline inspections or hydrostatic tests.
TD Williamson Inc (TDW) recently launched its 20-inch Multiple DataSet (MDS) inline inspection tool containing deformation, axial Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), patented SpirALL MFL (SMFL), low field MFL (LFM) and XYZ mapping.
ProfilControl 5 is a turnkey-ready system for the inline inspection of extrusion profiles.
We have utilised our considerable vision systems expertise gained from years of implementing traditional inline inspection systems to produce a standard product by thoroughly testing that the Quality Station meets the required inspection criteria before delivery, risk is mitigated for the user."
Fortress Technology's Pipeline metal detector is ideal for inline inspection of pumped liquids and pastes such as soups, sauces, chocolate, jams, sausage meats and juices that are transported through a pipe.
The automated X-ray inspection system also is suitable for the inline inspection of double-sided PCBs.
AccuCam sensor also allows for inline inspection for plate verification, transposed colors, wrong pages and scumming.
According to Dymax, a Torrington, CT-based company that specializes in items such as assembly adhesives, coatings, masks and light curing systems, its new product cures in seconds upon exposure to W/visible light and fluoresces to enable inline inspection and quicker processing.
What we didn't see was an over-reliance on inline inspection. Instead, first-article inspection is performed offline, where solder volume and thickness measurements are taken.