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The country's largest inmate welfare fund exists in Los Angeles, which oversees 18,000 inmates and generates about $24 million annually for the county's inmate welfare fund, according to county records.
In Maryland, says Glennor Shirley, library coordinator for the state's correctional facilities, funding for the development of general collections comes from the Inmate Welfare Fund (IWF), or revenues generated from inmate phone call fees and commissary purchases.
The rodeo also raised money for the Inmate Welfare Fund, which was used to pursue items for the inmate population that were not provided in the regular state budget.
The court found that the CDC practice of applying interest earned on excess ITA funds for use in the Inmate Welfare Fund was not an unconstitutional taking, but rather provided the inmates with a benefit rather than an unwarranted burden.
Prisoners choose what to make and then reap most of the revenue--10 percent is taken off for the General Inmate Welfare Fund, which pays for inmate entertainment (such as movies).
Money from the inmate welfare fund was offered as a short-term solution while sources of grant funding were explored.
Additionally, the BOP adds child support to its list; federal court filing fees are added in Nebraska; payments for damages are assessed in Ohio; deposits to an inmate welfare fund are added in Oklahoma; "whatever is owed to the commonwealth" is stated by Pennsylvania; medical co-payments are included in Tennessee; and supervision fees are charged in Utah.
The only monies expended are for the books, which are purchased through the jail's inmate welfare fund.
In Mississippi, the fee for the State Board of Cosmetology licensing exam is $85 and the DOC inmate welfare fund absorbs the cost.
Classes have been offered since August 2005, with initial funding provided by the jail's Inmate Welfare Fund. The program, now free of charge to the jail, is administered by a nonprofit organization called The Administration of Resources and Choices.
The agency also shifted costs: Instead of using taxpayer money to provide every inmate with 10 free envelopes and stamps each month, the general inmate welfare fund now covers the cost.
Traditionally, the inmate welfare fund has satisfied this expenditure.