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ILEAInternational Law Enforcement Agreement
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In England, the Conservative government abolished the Inner London Education Authority in 1990 and returned authority for education to 11 boroughs.
It would rank alongside the abolishment of the Metropolitan County Councils and, of course, the Greater London Authority and the Inner London Education Authority.
Chris also runs a workshop, How to make a fool of yourself and get away with it, which was set up by the Inner London Education Authority and has since been used by many educational authorities, the probation service, theological colleges, the social services and BBC TV news department.
When I worked for the right-on Inner London Education Authority, I once saw my kindly middle-aged boss open the door for a woman, only for her to shriek in his face, "You b d
These were the words of the then drama inspector for the Inner London Education Authority.
The then Inner London Education Authority backed the project which has formed the basis of multi-racial education now throughout the UK.
The expansion has seen the acquisition of the Centre for Young Musicians Library (originally the Inner London Education Authority collection) of orchestral and choral sets, which can be hired by orchestras and choirs around the country, and the collection of wind music assembled by the bassoonist Alan Cave.
It was introduced to prevent outrageous pamphlets being circulated in schools, like the notorious Jenny Lives With Eric And Martin, put out by the Inner London Education Authority.
But politics were in his blood and he was elected as a councillor and then deputy leader of the Inner London Education Authority.
In London, pressure from the private sector was certainly instrumental in forcing the government to recognise that the voice of London had become dissipated since the abolition of the Greater London Council and the Inner London Education Authority.