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IRInjured Reserve (football)
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IRImmune Response
IRIslamic Republic of Iran (ISO country code, top level domain)
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IRInstitutional Research
IRIngersoll-Rand (pneumatic products company)
IRIslamic Republic
IREngineer (University, Dutch)
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IRIslamic Relief (UK)
IRInsulation Resistance
IRImage Runner
IRInformation Retrieval
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IRInstitutional Repository (digital intellectual output)
IRInsulin Resistance
IRInstrument Rating (Aviation)
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IRInfrared Radiation
IRImmediate Release (pharmaceutics)
IRImpôt sur le Revenu (French income tax)
IRImpulse Response (radio propagation)
IRIndian Railway
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IRIncidence Rate
IRInitial Response (military logistics)
IRIngenieur (Dutch: Master of Science)
IRInspection Report
IRIncident Report (Canadian Air Force)
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IRInformation Report(s)
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IRInterventional Radiology (medicine)
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IRIndustrial Robot
IRIm Ruhestand (German: Retired)
IRInsuficiencia Renal (Spanish: Renal Failure)
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IRInstant Replay
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IRIran Air (IATA airline code)
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IRIntegrated Resort (Singapore)
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IRInner Radius (construction industry)
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IRIsoprene Rubber (polyisoprene rubber)
IRIterative Reconstruction
IRIsoprene Rubber
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IRIglooReport (Pittsburgh Penguins website)
IRImperator et Rex (Emperor and King)
IRInternet Protocol Detail Record Recorder
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IRInsurance Record(s) (insurance)
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where s = [(2 * [r.sub.bin]/[L.sub.S]).sup.4], [[lambda].sub.g], [[lambda].sub.p] are the grout and the U-tube pipe thermal conductivities, respectively; [h.sub.f] is the convective heat transfer coefficient of fluid, [r.sub.bin], [r.sub.out] and [] denote the borehole inner radius, and the outer and the inner radius of the U-shaped pipe, [L.sub.S] is the spacing between the centre of the legs of the U-type tube.
The basic RWT could be calculated by subtracting the projectile outer radius from the cavity inner radius. For the two cases used in this study, the basic RWT was 2 mm.
Limited Tenders are invited for 1)cable drag chain fully enclosed, with removable lids along outer & inner radius. Interior seperation with vertical seperators & full width sleeves.
Pressure Drop & Shear Rate for Different Flow-Channel Geometries Pressure Drop Shear Rate Circular flow passage: [DELTA]P = Q[micro] (8L)/ [pi][R.sup.4] Y = 4Q/[pi][R.sup.3] Slit flow passage: [DELTA]P = Q[micro] (12L)/ W[H.sup.3] Y = 6Q/W[H.sup.3] Annular passage: | [DELTA]P = Q[micro] (12L)/ ([pi][R.sub.0] + [R.sub.i]) [([pi][R.sub.0] + [R.sub.i]) .sup.3] Y = 6Q/[pi][([R.sub.0] - [R.sub.i]).sup.3] P= Pressure Q = Output [micro] = Viscosity L = Length R= Radius [R.sub.0] = Outer radius [R.sub.i] = Inner radius W = Width H = Height Y = Shear rate Source: Processing of Thermoplastic Materials, Ernest Bernhardt, Reinhold,1959, p.
Consider a coated sphere in Figure 4(a) with an inner radius of [r.sub.1] = 0.25 m, an outer radius of [r.sub.2] = 0.5m, and a relative permittivity of [[epsilon].sub.r1] = 2.0 - 0.1j, [[epsilon].sub.r2]=4.0 - 0.2j.
Definition Value Fan wing span L (mm) 500 Radius of crossflow fan R (mm) 150 Inner radius of semicircular cavity 155 [R.sub.arcin] (mm) Outer radius of semicircular cavity 160 [R.sub.arcout] (mm) Fan wing chord c (mm) 561 Trailing edge angle [theta] ([degrees]) 36.5[degrees] Opening angle of the leading edge [psi] 24[degrees] ([degrees]) Table 2: Crossflow fan blade geometric parameters.
As shown in Figure 3, a borehole with the inner radius [R.sub.0] drilled in an infinite, isotropic, and homogeneous EPSFM rock masses is subjected to an inner hydraulic pressure [] at r = [R.sub.0] and hydrostatic pressure p0 at infinite boundary.
One can also notice that in cases where the photocatalyst concentration is relatively high, the particles closer to the inner radius absorb most of the radiation entering the reactor.
Here, the inner radius of the system is 4 cm, the outer radius is 9 cm, and the inner and outer wall thickness of the system is 1 cm.
The inner radius, outside radius, height, and distance of the two coils are 25 mm, 70 mm, 100 mm, and 68 mm, respectively.
Furthermore, COMSOL Multiphysics with the finite-element method was used to design and simulate 3D structure of the acoustic metamaterials unit cell and to verify the effects of geometrical parameters on resonance characteristics consisting of size parameters of the neck radius, inner radius, and outer radius.