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IGBIllinois Gaming Board
IGBIstituto di Genetica e Biofisica (Italy)
IGBInternationaler Gewerkschaftsbund (German: International Trade Union Federation)
IGBInner-German Border (former boundary/border between East and West Germany)
IGBIllegal Gambling Business
IGBInlet Gearbox (gas turbines)
IGBInstitute & Guild of Brewing (now known as the Institute of Brewing & Distilling; UK)
IGBIntermediate Gear Box
IGBInternational Gravimetric Bureau (France)
IGB(Fraunhofer) Institut für Grenzflächen- und Bioverfahrenstechnik, Stuttgart, Germany
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It focuses on the comparative historical classification, Development and function of the gst marienborn in the context of the cold war, As well as the inner-german border in the area of marienborn, Helmstedt and htensleben.
This was designed to avert hazardous or ambiguous situations between US and Soviet ground forces along the inner-German border while Germany was still divided.
In Andreas Kieling's Ein deutscher Wandersommer: 1400 Kilometer durch unsere wilde Heimat (2011) and Fred Sellin's Wenn der Vater mit dem Sohn: unsere Wanderung durch Deutschlands unbekannte Mitte (2009), both of which describe journeys along the former inner-German border, the complexities of post-unification German identity are shirked in favour of facile harmonizing or an orientalist view of Eastern Germany and its inhabitants.
The essence of this plan was the assertion that any assault across the inner-German border would result in a global war.
95) In determining whether the border guards' acts of shooting were severe enough to justify present prosecution under Radbruch's formula, the BGH seems to emphasize the view that the GDR border was not a typical international border but rather, as the court puts it, "the inner-German border," a formulation that evokes the theory of the continuing "Reich.