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ISCOInternational Standard Classification of Occupations
ISCOInnermost Stable Circular Orbit (binary neutron stars)
ISCOIn-Situ Chemical Oxidation
ISCOInternational Soil Conservation Organization
ISCOIndependent Schools Careers Organisation (Camberley, England, UK)
ISCOInformation Sharing and Collaboration Office
ISCOInternational Conference on Intelligent Systems and Control
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In particular, one expects contributions to the radius of the innermost stable circular orbit (ISCO) (Sanabria-Gomez et al.
The radius of innermost stable circular orbit (ISCO's radius) is determined by solving numerically for [rho] the equation
This innermost stable circular orbit depends on the black hole's mass and also its spin, which affects how far outside the hole's event horizon the orbit lies (S&T: May 2011, page 20).
If expectation meets reality, the plasma's source would be the disk's hot inner edge, the innermost stable circular orbit for matter.
And the innermost stable circular orbit around the black hole, the brightly glowing edge of the accretion disk, will be about three times wider.
All black holes have an innermost stable circular orbit (ISCO), the distance from the event horizon at which the energy and angular momentum of orbiting material is no longer sufficient to counteract the inward pull of gravity.