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IOCInternational Olympic Committee
IOCIntergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (UNESCO)
IOCInversion of Control (OOP pattern)
IOCInput/Output Controller
IOCInstituto Oswaldo Cruz (Portuguese: Oswaldo Cruz Institute; Brazil)
IOCInitial Operational Capability
IOCIntegrated Operations Center (various organizations)
IOCInitial Operating Capability
IOCInvasion of Chaos (gaming)
IOCInternational Olive Council
IOCIndicator of Compromise
IOCImitation of Christ
IOCInternational Oceanographic Commission
IOCInitiatives of Change (various locations)
IOCIndian Ocean Commission
IOCIsdn Ordering Code
IOCInter Office Channel
IOCInstant Organizational Chart
IOCInput Output Control
IOCIbm Open Class Library
IOCInversion of Control
IOCInstall Optional Components
IOCInstitute of Oriental Culture (Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia; Japan)
IOCImmediate or Cancel (trade order)
IOCInternational Oil Company
IOCIndian Oil Corporation, Ltd
IOCIndian Orthodox Church
IOCIndependent Operating Company
IOCInstitute of Organic Chemistry (China)
IOCIndirect Operating Cost
IOCIndustrial Operations Command
IOCInorganic Chemical
IOCImages-On-Call (teleradiology system)
IOCInteragency Operations Center
IOCIraqi Olympic Committee
IOCInformation Operations Center
IOCInternational Ozone Commission
IOCIntegrated Oil Company
IOCIntegrated Optical Circuit
IOCIntraoperative Cholangiogram
IOCInitial Operational Clearance
IOCIndustrial Office Commercial (realty)
IOCInter-Office Channel
IOCInstitute of Carpenters
IOCInorganic Compound
IOCInteroffice Channel
IOCIndex of Cooperation (ITU-T)
IOCInstructor Orientation Course (SCUBA PADI course)
IOCIn-Orbit Checkout
IOCInternet Operations Center (IETF)
IOCISDN Ordering Code (Bellcore)
IOCIllinois Online Conference (now Illinois Online Conference)
IOCInfantry Officers' Course (USMC)
IOCInput/Output Cluster (Cray)
IOCInternal Organizational Communication
IOCInter Office Communications
IOCInternal Oral Commentary (examination)
IOCInterior Oriented Collaboration (Japan)
IOCIslam on Campus
IOCIndependent Operating Carrier
IOCInstantaneous Overcurrent
IOCInternational Oil Corporation (Nevada)
IOCIOTA Occultation Camera (International Occultation Timing Association)
IOCInternal Oral Assessment (education)
IOCInterfaith Open Communities
IOCIslamic Observation Centre
IOCIndividual Oral Commentary
IOCInformation Object Class
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IOCInternet Operation Center
IOCInter-Organizational Coordination
IOCIntegrated Optical Component
IOCIntercept Operations Center
IOCImpact Over Cost
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IOCInnocent Owner/Operator Certificate
IOCIn-Orbit Construction (NASA)
IOCIn-Organic Chemical
IOCIntrinsic Order Criterion
IOCInvoluntary Outpatient Civil commitment
IOCIntercell Ohmic Contact
IOCInput Output Cabinet
IOCInternational Obesity Congress
IOCInternal Overload Control
IOCInternal Office Communication
IOCÍndice de Oscilación Austral (Spanish: Southern Oscillation Index)
IOCInter-Object Concurrency
IOCInspector on Call
IOCInternal Office Code
IOCInteractive Orbit Calculator
IOCInternational Outsourcing Company (Tunisia)
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An organic chemical is one containing carbon (and sometimes hydrogen), while inorganic chemicals are salts and metals such as zinc and titanium.
Kamari reiterated imports from Indonesia mainly include wood and paper pulp, inorganic chemicals, wood and wood products, food and beverage, and home appliances.
Major commodity groups that showed positive export growth include engineering goods (17.63 percent), organic and inorganic chemicals (38.848 percent), drugs and pharmaceuticals (13.56 percent), cotton yarn/handloom products (15.66 percent), and plastic and linoleum (30.03 percent).
CAPMAS said that Turkey came in third, with $1.858bn of exports, including fertilisers at $359.9m, plastics at $338.3m, cotton at $147.4m, organic chemicals at $97.5m, and inorganic chemicals at $87.5m.
Basic Chemicals which are commodity materials include flexible material, Polymers, Petrochemicals and other derivatives and inorganic chemicals which make up 35-37% of the chemical market Specialty Chemicals are high value-added chemicals with diverse end-product market.
The unique self-lubricating materials are impregnated with proprietary, inorganic chemicals that improve their lubricating qualities and oxidation resistance.
In addition to the development of industrial process chemistry, he has developed several process technologies for international clients, for the production of high purity metals used for electronics, specialty inorganic chemicals, heavy metal concentrates and treatment of water, wastewater and solid waste.
As a result of these industrial operations, soil, sediment and groundwater are contaminated with inorganic chemicals (including asbestos and metals), volatile organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and highly alkaline compounds.
The products imported by Arab countries from Brazil primarily included aircraft and spacecraft, inorganic chemicals and rare earths, vehicles, iron and steel products, food products, and machinery.
The BMS business, with North American headquarters in Pittsburgh, is comprised of polyurethane, TPU, PC, inorganic chemicals, and coatings/adhesives.
Total export of inorganic chemicals made $20.3 million.
Delhi, April 21 --, India's premier research company in export import statistics, announced today that India's Inorganic Chemicals, Organic or Inorganic Compounds of Precious Metals of Rare-Earth Metals and Radioactive Elements of Isotopes imports in March- 2014 has fallen to US$ 336.48 M, a decrease of 0.73% compared to February 2014.