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(2) what differences exist between the proposed knowledge-based ssytem and the current DOT based job-matching systems with respect to the time required inprocessing occupational information?
Essential tasks included frisk searches, body-cuffing procedures, and inmate inprocessing. The range of instructor rank provided an excellent opportunity for Soldiers to ask questions pertinent to their ranks, roles, and responsibilities within the TFCF.
If they have not or if they are coming straight from Advanced Individual Training, then we can attempt to schedule them for immediate attendance to prioritized applicable courses once they arrive and complete the necessary inprocessing requirements of your unit.
The first day of the operation consisted primarily of the biometric inprocessing of the 300, combined with a route clearance by TFIC.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that coalition forces have recently attempted to have an Iraqi judicial investigator work with the magistrate's cell at Camp Cropper to reinterview the detainees while inprocessing to obtain any potential confession.
Upon restationing, the S-l must quickly establish inprocessing procedures, new unit identification codes, and new office symbols.
The Security Force Assistance Team quickly established standing operating procedures to assist with the proper inprocessing and tracking of detainees.
This innovative system, also being used by the Noncommissioned Officers Academy, will expedite inprocessing time as well as streamline paperwork such as academic reports.
238 (2001) (finding no abuse of discretion in military judge's ruling that results of urinalysis specimen were admissible despite Air Force Instruction that directed "urinalysis testing for illegal drug and narcotic use" for medical screening of pretrial detainees during inprocessing).
Each of the two companies operated the facility for five days, managing the inprocessing, outprocessing, feeding, medical care, and general welfare of all the internees under its control.
Information on specific blocks of instruction, read-ahead materials, reporting and inprocessing, clearance requirements, etc., is available at studentinfo.asp (click on "Cav Leader (CLC)").