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IFFFInternational Family Film Festival (formerly Santa Clarita International Film Festival)
IFFFInternational Flag Football Federation
IFFFInsect Fear Film Festival (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Entomology Graduate Student Association)
IFFFInternational Film Festival Foundation
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The Insect Fear Film Festival celebrated its 30th anniversary in February this year.
Bugs even have their own festival at the University of Illinois every February the Insect Fear Film Festival.
They're 4-inc Madagascar hissing cockroaches, just the sort of nasty brutes to scare an audience into its seats - and to set the proper tone for the Insect Fear Film Festival, an annual evening-long showcase of cinematic disasters featuring all manner of entomological mayhem.
The Insect Fear Film Festival made its debut four years later.
Realizing there's more than one way to educate the public about her particular specialty -- entomology -- the University of Illinois professor organizaes an annual Insect Fear Film Festival in the otherwise peaceful college community of Urbana-Champaign.
So in 1982 she sought to bridge that gap by asking the University of Illinois' unit of cinema studies to help produce the first Insect Fear Film Festival.