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Media companies can easily tailor NetSuite to streamline complex insertion order management, simplify invoicing and collection practices, provide superior ROI tracking on a campaign-by-campaign basis, and deliver accurate, real-time reporting on campaign status, impressions, and forecasts.
"If the advertising agency is sued for the return of a preferential payment, and the media company has accepted an insertion order with this type of disclaimer, then the media company will have no recourse against paying back to the advertising agency the payment which it received and was compelled to pay to the debtor's estate," Borges said.
One day, insertion orders are coming in; the next, the agency is gone or has filed for bankruptcy.
The State of the Art in Performance Management Articles due: March 15, 2006 Ad insertion order due: April 15, 2006
Using NICC's electronic Insertion order system, advertisers can plan, place, and track their ads in multiple newspapers using a few clicks of a mouse and a standard Internet connection.
This proposal is synced to FinancialForce Accounting for the creation of a media sales agreement and an insertion order; at the same time, the opportunity is updated in Salesforce CRM.
Adinfinitum offers an entire suite of ad services, from insertion order to invoice.
Finally, last January, the NICC unveiled eio -- the lowercase and italics were trademarked -- for "electronic insertion order." Though newspapers were participating, it seems that advertisers and agencies just never got on board.
Mediaspace describes Apex as a "proprietary order management system that tracks each insertion order and each ad file through the entire advertising process, including preflight, verification and billing."
Each offers advertisers centralized access to newspapers nationwide, both easing and speeding the process of placing an ad insertion order.