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Influence of inspiratory flow rate, particle size, and airway caliber on aerosolized drug delivery to the lung.
FVC: Forced vital capacity, FEV1: Forced expiratory volume in first second, FEV1%: Percentage of FVC expired in the first second, PEFR: Peak expiratory flow rate, FEF50%: Forced expiratory flow at 50% of expired volume during FVC test, FET: Forced expiratory time, PIFR: Peak inspiratory flow rate, FIF50%: Forced inspiratory flow at 50% of inspired volume during FVC test.
Prevalence and COPD phenotype for a suboptimal peak inspiratory flow rate against the simulated resistance of the Diskus" dry powder inhaler.
The average velocities in the middle cross sections (Figure 1(b)) of G6-G9 generations of the airway model were computed with the inspiratory flow rate 4.8 L/min.
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Previous studies have simulated increased inspiratory flow rates using a model (21) or have asked participants to increase their respiratory rate voluntarily using a metronome (9,11).
Differences in the performance of VHI, such as inspiratory flow rates, plateau time, peak pressures and volumes delivered, raise concerns about the efficacy of treatment and patient safety with regards to barotrauma and volutrauma.
With PSV, the patient controls the respiratory rate and exerts a major influence on the duration of the inspiration, inspiratory flow rate and the Vt.
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(a) the inferolateral resection of inferior turbinate with preservation of the mucosa of the medial aspect of the inferior turbinate to facilitate the entry of inspired air more into the inferior meatus than into the middle meatus (this physiologically increases the inspiratory flow rate along the inferior meatus).
Inspiratory flow rate can vary depending on a patient's health, effort, or physical abilities.
On some ventilators, inspiratory flow rate is determined by tidal volume, respiratory rate, and the inspiratory:expiratory ratio (I:E).