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ISInformation System(s)
ISIn Service
ISInternet Service
ISInformation Services
ISInternational System (of units)
ISInternational Standard
ISIndustry Standard
ISImage Size (semiconductor manufacturing)
ISInformation Security
ISInternational Staff (NATO)
ISInternet Solutions (South Africa)
ISImage Studio
ISInternet Society
ISIndian Standards
ISIsrael (Including Israel-Jordan & Israel-Syria Demilitarized Zones)
ISIndustrial Safety
ISIndustrial Society
ISIndustrial Security
ISInstruction Set
ISInformation Structure (linguistics)
ISIncome Support (UK)
ISInternal Security
ISInternal Stop
ISInternal Standard
ISInstallation Survey
ISInitial Study
ISIndustry Sector
ISIntegrated System
ISIntegrated Science
ISIrish Standard (fire alarms)
ISIntegrated Schedule
ISIndustrial Specialist
ISIntelligent Services Gateway
ISIntelligence Specialist (Navy Rating)
ISIntelligent Systems (IEEE International Conference)
ISIntelligent Sport (Lexus model)
ISInfrastructure Service
ISInternational Supplement (ODT)
ISIndianapolis Star (newspaper)
ISIntermediate School
ISIntermediate System
ISIron Soldier (Atari Jaguar game)
ISInsertion Sequence (molecular biology)
ISInterface Specification
ISInternal Specification
ISIntelligent Sensor
ISInvestigations Service (OPM)
ISInner Sphere (Mech Warrior)
ISInterstate System
ISImportance Sampling
ISInterim Standard (series of communication standards)
ISInterim Status
ISIslamic State
ISInstrumentation System
ISImagery Server
ISInteger Sort
ISInterrupt Status
ISIntelligence Squadron
ISInitial Spares
ISImperial Stout
ISIndexed Sequential
ISInformation Superiority
ISImage Stabilization (camera feature)
ISInspection Services
ISImage Shack (image hosting service)
ISIntrinsic Safety
ISInternational Standardization
ISImage Stabilizer (camera lens)
ISInformation Separator
ISInduction Soldering
ISIsles of Scilly (UK)
ISInfinite Stratos (Japanese novel series)
ISIasi (Romania)
ISInternational Socialists
ISIndentation Strength
ISIntrinsically Safe
ISInbred Strain
ISInterscope Records (record label)
ISIsotope Separation
ISIpecac Syrup
ISIlta-Sanomat (Finnish newspaper)
ISImpôt sur les Sociétés (French: corporation tax)
ISImmunosuppression (treatment complication)
ISIron Savior (band)
ISIsmailia (Egyptian automobile license plate)
ISInduced Sputum
ISInfraspinatus (muscle)
ISIsernia, Molise (Italian province)
ISIntercostal Space
ISIncentive Spirometer
ISInvestigation Scientist (US NASA)
ISInventory of Systems
ISIndicating Switch
ISInterferon Sensitivity
ISIsotopic Source
ISInstituti I Statistikes (Albanian: Statistics Institute)
ISInternal Silencer
ISInfinite Spawn (gaming)
ISInstituto Sertão (Brasil)
ISImtiazi Sanad (Certificate of Distinction Pakistan Armed Forces)
ISImmaculata Symphony (Immaculata, PA)
ISItakura-Saito distortion
ISInvestments Equal Savings (macroeconomic curve)
ISInsurgent Sisterhood (Star Wars Galaxies guild)
ISIndustry Solutions Module
ISImmersible Switch
ISInteractive Structures, Incorporated
IS(USN Rating) Intelligence Specialist
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Macrovision will acquire all of the privately held InstallShield's assets and operations for a cash sum of USD76m.
AdminStudio provides a full suite of capabilities for handling every step of the Windows Installer package conversion or modification process, and includes all the capabilities of InstallShield's premier installation authoring solution -- InstallShield Developer -- within AdminStudio.
"The industry continues to turn to InstallShield for leadership in setup-authoring," said Stan Martin, president and chief operating officer, InstallShield Software Corp., citing the company's longstanding relationship with Microsoft, its leadership position within the Windows setup arena and its comprehensive offerings.
InstallShield X has been developed through the combination of InstallShield DevStudio and InstallShield MultiPlatform.
Using vbuild 2.0 developers using InstallShield Professional 7 can create and deploy the smallest byte-level software updates, resulting in reduced development time and reliable downloads for end users.
InstallShield's move to Siebel eBusiness Applications will allow the company to better manage, synchronize, and coordinate sales, marketing, and customer service across all communication channels and points of customer contact -- including the Web, sales and support call centers, and reseller channels.
On a smaller scale, companies like PowerQuest (PartitionMagic and other disk utilities), Citrix (WinFrame system software) and Stirling Technologies (InstallShield development tools) seem to have found ways to achieve sustainable growth that often averages more than 100% a year.
Contract award: "continue right to use the available software licenses nra citrix xenserver, pl / sql developer 10.0, installshield 2013 professional and red hat enterprise linux in four lots as follows: lot 1 -" continue the right to use licenses citrix xenserver "; lot 2 - "continue right to use the licenses pl / sql developer 10.0"; lot 3 - "continue the right to use licenses installshield 2013 professional" lot 4 - "continue the right to use licenses red hat enterprise linux".
Software installation, deployment packaging and updating solutions provider InstallShield Software Corp has released InstallShieldUpdate Service 3.0, a web-based software update delivery service.
Software installations solutions provider InstallShield Software Corp has announced the immediate availability of its InstallShield DevStudio 9 for Microsoft Windows installations.
InstallShield Press, the publishing division of InstallShield Software Corporation, have announced the availability of 'Administrator's Introduction to Application Repackaging and Software Deployment using Windows Installer'.