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ICAPInternational Carbon Action Partnership (est. 2007)
ICAPInternet Content Adaptation Protocol
ICAPInternational Center for Alcohol Policies
ICAPInstant Capacity
ICAPImproved Capabilities
ICAPInstitute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan
ICAPInductively Coupled Argon Plasma
ICAPImproved Capability (EA-6B)
ICAPInstituto Civil da Autodisciplina da Publicidade (Portugal)
ICAPIncreased Capacity
ICAPInternational Conference on Antennas and Propagation
ICAPInstitute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection (Georgetown University Law Center)
ICAPInternet Calendar Access Protocol (Lotus)
ICAPInternet Calendar Access Protocol
ICAPIllinois Coalition of Appraisal Professionals
ICAPInstitute for Competitiveness and Prosperity (Canada)
ICAPIntelligence Community Assignment Program
ICAPInfrastructure Condition Assessment Program
ICAPIndustrial Committee of Ammunition Producers
ICAPInteragency Committee for Aviation Policy
ICAPIncident Communications Action Plan (US FEMA)
ICAPIntegrated Communications Access Package
ICAPIntelligent Cut and Paste (Apple)
ICAPIntel Channel Alliance Program
ICAPInternational Code Assessment and Applications Programme
ICAPInnovation Centre for Audio Products
ICAPInitial Contract for Advance Procurement
ICAPIntegrated Customer Access Package
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But a study by SeaIntel cited by the EIU report showed an instant capacity reduction of 6 to 8 percent on trans-Pacific trade and a 5- to 6-percent reduction on the Asia-Europe trade as a result of the debacle.
ity and speed of communication, and it will assist us in serving our clients, not just within this city, but around the country with reliable and instant capacity.
"We may not have the instant capacity to produce such plans, talking to developers or whatever," he says, "but now that we're here, now that we're part of the history of the house, now that we're connected to the neighborhood, I think that it's a good investment to think about the future: What's the relationship with the owner?
-- Telastic Application Capacity: Provides instant capacity for your communications applications, leveraging Telastic's cutting-edge virtualization service technology and optimized for real-time communications up and down the stack.
Settled transfer LIDAR as <<a laser radar>> is not quite correct, as in systems of near radius of action (for example, intended for work in premises), the main properties of the laser: the high density and instant capacity of radiation--are not claimed, as light radiators usual light-emitting diodes can serve in such systems.
Instant Capacity (iCAP) permite al usuario pagar por los procesadores instalados solo cuando los enciende, ya sea en forma permanente o temporal.
HP also is offering qualified customers pay-per-use options and is extending its HP Instant Capacity on Demand program to include memory in addition to the CPU.
Designed to complement the Instant Capacity on Demand and Pay per Forecast pricing programmes previously introduced by HP, the new HP Pay per Use programme is similar to the payment structure of a typical cellular phone service - it consists of a base payment and a variable, usage-based payment.
The new software for HP's XP disk array family includes HP Instant Capacity on Demand (iCOD), HP Continuous Access over Fibre Channel and consolidated solutions for the HP XP disk array line for Linux users.
The term "instant capacity" identifies a method of measuring capacity.
HP OpenView software is available to manage HP Superdome partitioned environments, including those offering instant capacity on demand, and features flexible lease programs designed to meet the changing business requirements of service providers.
Hewlett-Packard Co has launched a range of 'instant capacity on demand' (iCOD) products.