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IRVInstant-Runoff Voting
IRVIrvine (Amtrak station code; Irvine, CA)
IRVInternal Read Visibility
IRVInternational Reference Version
IRVInspiratory Reserve Volume
IRVInverse Ratio Ventilation
IRVImproved Recovery Vehicle
IRVImmediate Response Vehicle (insurance companies)
IRVIntegrated Voice Response (telephony)
IRVIsotope Reentry Vehicle
IRVInitial Response Vehicle
IRVImperial Romulan Vessel (fictional)
IRVIrvington District (Fremont, California)
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Ritchie and his colleagues are organizing grass-roots efforts to press for instant-runoff voting and other forms of proportional representation.
If the 2004 Democratic presidential and vice presidential candidate commit to instant-runoff voting, universal healthcare, a foreign policy built on the economic well-being of the poor and middle class here and abroad; if they stop supporting pro-war, pro-corporate power and antidemocratic legislation; if, instead of using their considerable ingenuity for raising money by sucking up to wealthy moneybags while pretending they care about the "little people," they use it to address and respond to the barriers to meaningful participation in our democratic form of government; in short, if the Democrats become Greens, they've got my vote.
While we won't have instant-runoff voting by 2004, which would free voters to vote for the candidate they really like, there is still a temporary solution.
Bills calling for instant-runoff voting have been introduced in a dozen states.
That includes instant-runoff voting (IRV), proportional representation, state-of-the-art electronic voting equipment, weekend voting and the elimination of the Electoral College.
Actually, he and his partner, Matt Grossmann, founded CTD in 1998 to agitate for direct presidential elections and instant-runoff voting.
And all the Greens constantly emphasize that what they want, now that they have proved their vote-getting ability, is instant-runoff voting.
But Greens insist they are not going away and have called for the enactment of instant-runoff voting to end the problem of vote-splitting.
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