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IWHInstitute for Work & Health
IWHInformation Warehouse
IWHInternet Warehouse
IWHIrish Wolfhound (dog breed)
IWHInstitute for Women's Health
IWHI Was Here
IWHInternationalen Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (German: International Science Forum Heidelberg; Germany)
IWHInstantaneous Water Heater
IWHInternational Working Holidays (New Zealand; employment agency)
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Even our historic remodels utilize smart energy-efficient features with everything from lighting and climate control sensors to energy-efficient roofing systems or instantaneous water heaters. Energy efficiency is not only recognized for long-term cost savings over a project's lifespan, but sustainability has become a priority for developers.
Actual savings and performance of natural gas instantaneous water heaters. ASHRAE Transactions 117 (1):657-72.
We have massive expansion plans in the future to manufacture solar water heaters and instantaneous water heaters.
Rumor has it that the DOE is under a great deal of pressure from lobby groups supported by the big utility companies not to adopt instantaneous water heaters at all.
But it causes the most serious problems in the heating elements of washing machines and dishwashers, as well as the inside of electrically heated immersion heaters, instantaneous water heaters and electric showers.
The places to look out for this are the heating elements of washing machines and dishwashers and the insides of electrically-heated immersion heaters, instantaneous water heaters and electric showers.
(2) The DOE rulemaking considered and adopted standards for oil-fired SWHs and gas instantaneous water heaters in addition to standards for gas and electric SWHs.
Instantaneous water heaters (IWHs), which are widely used outside the U.S., store little or no hot water and so eliminate much of this standby loss, offering one potential strategy to improve water heating efficiency.
In Canada, the performance test standard for residential gas-fired storage water heaters is the CSA P.3 (CSA 2004a), for residential instantaneous water heaters it's the CSA P.7 (CSA 1998), and for residential electric storage water heaters it's the CSA C191 (CSA 2004b).