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various industry organizations and activities--he was an honorary life member of the Institution of Lighting Engineers (UK), as well as a member of the Optical Society of America, the American Institute of Physics, the International Society of Optical Engineering, the International Commission on Illumination and the Society of Automotive Engineers.
A Past President of the Institution of Lighting Engineers, Nigel has promoted 'sky-friendly' lighting as a member of European and International working groups, creating standards aimed at the reduction of light pollution.
But Nigel Parry, of the Institution of Lighting Engineers, said there were other ways for councils to save money, such as turning lights down to 50% power.
In the 1930s the members who concentrated on road lighting and related topics decided to break away from the IES to form the Association of Public Lighting Engineers (later to become the Institution of Lighting Engineers (ILE)).
The three-day seminar programme is free to attend and organised by the Landscape Institute, The Highway Electrical Manufacturers and Suppliers Association and The Institution of Lighting Engineers.
The Institution of Lighting Engineers (ILE), a leading professional lighting association in the UK, illuminates how good lighting can make a significant contribution to the outdoor environment both night and day.
The Hexham branch was responsible for the installation which has attracted so much attention that it has been highly commended in national awards by the Institution of Lighting Engineers.
Now the structure - known as Barrage Point - has drawn the attention of the Institution of Lighting Engineers, which will feature a colour photograph on the brochure cover for its national conference at the City Hall in October, which will attract more than 200 delegates from Britain's lighting industry.
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