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IDPInternally Displaced People
IDPIntern Development Program
IDPIndependence (Amtrak station code; Independence, MO)
IDPIndividual Development Plan
IDPIdentity Provider (cybersecurity)
IDPIntrusion Detection and Prevention
IDPIPsec (Internet Protocol Security) Discovery Protocol
IDPInternally Displaced Person
IDPInternational Day of Peace
IDPIntegrated Development Plan
IDPIdentity Proofing (authentication software)
IDPInclusion Development Programme (various organizations)
IDPInitial Domain Part
IDPIntra Dc Precision
IDPIdentity Provider
IDPInterchange Document Profile
IDPIntegrated Device Processor
IDPIdentity Protection (software)
IDPIrrigation Development Project (Zambia)
IDPImminent Danger Pay
IDPInternet Datagram Protocol
IDPInterdisciplinary Program
IDPIntegrated Development Planning (Malaysia)
IDPInternational Drivers Permit
IDPInternal DisplayPort (digital display)
IDPIslamic Democratic Party (Maldives)
IDPInternet Dictionary Project
IDPIngersoll-Dresser Pump (various locations)
IDPInfectious Disease Program (various organizations)
IDPIMS (IP(Internet Protocol) Multimedia Subsystem) Developer Program
IDPInterplanetary Dust Particle
IDPInternational Development Partners (Norway)
IDPIntegrated Data Processing
IDPIndividual Development Program
IDPInterdisciplinary Degree Program (various schools)
IDPInterac Direct Payment (Canada national debit service)
IDPInterac Direct Payment (credit card, Interac, Inc.)
IDPInstitutional Development Plan (World Health Organization)
IDPInstitutional Development Program
IDPInternet Death Penalty (sanction against spammers)
IDPInstructional Development Process (outer space training)
IDPImagery-Derived Product
IDPInosine 5'-Diphosphate
IDPImmigrant Defense Project (New York, NY)
IDPInternational Development Planning
IDPIntelligent Document Platform
IDPIssuing Distribution Point (digital certificate)
IDPIndigent Defense Program (various locations)
IDPInsurance Data Processing, Inc (Wyncote, PA)
IDPIntoxicated Drivers Program (various locations)
IDPInitial Detection Point (telephony)
IDPInformation Data Processing
IDPImage and Data Processing
IDPInnovative Design Process (various organizations)
IDPInitial Delay Position
IDPIntercept Deployment Plan
IDPInternational Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges Ltd
IDPInstallation Deployment Plan (USAF)
IDPInstallation Design Plan
IDPIndividualized Dialing Plan (Telephony)
IDPIndustrial Development Plan
IDPIntelligence Data Processor
IDPInstrument Data Processor
IDPIntra Day Plan
IDPIncreased Deployability Posture (STADEPS)
IDPIncremental Development Package
IDPInformation Dissemination Processor
IDPInstallation Design Package
IDPISDN Protocol Converter
IDPIntegrated Development Package
IDPIntelligent Data Product
IDPIodine Disinfection By-Products
IDPInterface Development Plan
IDPIntegrated Decision Paper
IDPInterface Demonstration Plan
IDPIntegrated Diagnostic Plan
IDPInitial, Developing, Proficient
IDPInternal Development and Production
IDPInterface Design Package
IDPIsometric Dot Paper
IDPImpuesto a los Derivados del Petroleo (Spanish)
IDPInstructor Development Plan
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The methodoly enables it, and regulatory authorities, to identify strengths and areas for improvement, facilitate the formulation of an institutional development plan to build upon strengths and address the identified gaps, prioritise interventions and monitor progress and achievements.
Maait pointed out that the institutional development plan for the tax department depends on several axes of work to achieve the highest degree of interaction with the financiers, in order to serve the growth of the national economy.
Quality Management System is one of the major institutional development plan and step towards achieving Level III compliance and beyond.
Project Component : Result Areas are (I) Improved quality of and students equitable access to selected institutions of higher education : Institutional Development Plan (IDP) Grants (performance based Financing (II) Enhanced governance of the higher education system: (i)Improvement of governance in colleges (ii)Improvement of financial and procurement management and accounting in all government and government-aided colleges.
TRTA consultants will prepare the project, an institutional development plan, safeguards documents, project procurement risk assessments, mitigation measures, procurement plan and packages, sample bidding documents, and other arrangements to ensure that the ensuing loan complies with ADB and government requirements.
Their Institutional Development Plan (IDP) will be evaluated by a committee comprising eminent academics from inside and outside the state.
The Ssdp Support Facility Will Provide Timely, Good Quality and Coordinated Technical Assistance Support to Identified Capacity and Institutional Development Priorities to Design, Assess, Implement and Monitor the Various Policies and Strategies of the Ssdp, as Defined in a Ministry of Education Capacity and Institutional Development Plan and in Line With the Common Framework for Technical Assistance and Direct Funding for Supporting the Implementation of the School Sector Development Plan Programme.
Rudy has revealed that there has been allocation of an additional amount of Rs 2-3.5 crore under the VTIP for the modernization of the ITIs based on the Institutional Development Plan tendered by the ITIs.
Institutional Development Plan INADEH a curriculum adjusted to the needs formulated It is advised to define structures for Organizational Change and Bipartisan Management Training Centres, organizational and human management processes structure, including key positions, indicator systems human management systems and performance measurement, incentives for key positions and costing system INADEH actions.
Elaborate an institutional development plan and assess budget implications.
Part of the processing SPR is currently processing SPR SPR linking content with "long-term objective of the Charles University 2016-2020" and the Institutional Development Plan, Charles University in Prague, eventually.
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