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He said vertical integration and institutional network were to be strengthened on modern scientific lines to meet the future challenges of global marketing.
It is imperative to create an institutional network by reviving the forgotten relics of religion.
Despite having a very large young population, a huge natural resource base, a large institutional network, a highly resilient manpower, a geopolitically strategic significance and a thriving Diaspora, Pakistan fails to transform the lives of millions of its people.
UP's engagement with Korean academic institutions is part of a broad and strong initiative on the part of UP to internationalize its offerings, its faculty and student body, and its academic and institutional network.
He lacks the funds needed for his project, however, has no power base, and no institutional network or party apparatus to lean on, which will make his task rather difficult.
The government's efforts in developing the social sector will only be fruitful if the funds are properly, rationally and honestly utilized through a well-developed institutional network. The lack of institutional framework has been the main cause of underutilization of annual development funds in the province.
Each industry's institutional network "governs the way business is done in an industry in a particular country" (Zaheer and Zaheer, 1997: 78).
" However good a person may be, if the institutional network is not good, there is a possibility of degradation," he further added.
Dennis Borel, executive director of the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities, said the Sunset staff "rightly hit on" the state's need to "reduce and right-size the size of our institutional network." Decreasing the number of centers in the state will save money that can be diverted to community-based services, he said, including individual homes and small group care.
At kung may nanawagan noon na dapat managot, dapat manindigan, dapat ibigin ang bayan, it still holds true today," says Malou Jarabe-Turalde, executive director, Institutional Network for Social Action of Miriam College.
"Our extensive corporate and financial institutional network in combination with Custom House's leading-edge fund administration services will enable both companies to expand significantly in new and existing market segments", CEO Hugo Van Vredenburch commented.
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