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He was a college man, in dress and carriage as like as a pea to the type that of late years is being so generously turned out of our institutions of higher learning.
It is for the Institutions of higher learning to provide them with a conducive atmosphere to excel.
Today, institutions of higher learning are focusing their technological and educational resources on how to better meet the needs of their students and to some extent the needs of alumni.
The VC said that he dreamt of taking the University to number one position among the Indian institutions of higher learning.
To what extent do institutions of higher learning offer structural accessibility to students with orthopedic disabilities?
I particularly want to call upon those who are about to start at institutions of higher learning, who will for the first time in their lives be independent and away from direct parental supervision, to get the information and knowledge so that they may behave in a way that does not expose them to the risk of contracting HIV, Minister Nzimande says.
LAY ADMINISTRATORS ARE INCREASINGLY taking the helm at Catholic institutions of higher learning, which were traditionally led by priests and nuns.
In addition, there are several institutions of higher learning and the Monmouth county area is well known for its excellent quality of life, affordable housing and highway infrastructure.
Students are a valuable national resource for institutions of higher learning.
Institutions Hold More Than $150 Billion" The strong economy, it seems, has been very good to our institutions of higher learning.
Now, after six years of study and struggle, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops approved broad norms this week aimed at ensuring that Catholic institutions of higher learning retain their religious identity.
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