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IFIntermediate Frequency (radio/communications systems)
IFIn Fact
IFInternational Falls (city on the Minnesota/Canada border)
IFIndia Forum (India)
IFInteractive Fire (insurance)
IFInteractive Fiction
IFInvolved Field (radiotherapy)
IFIndustrial Facilities
IFInstitute for the Future
IFIndustrial Fund
IFInput File (Linux command line)
IFInformation Flow
IFIntegrated Farm
IFImpact Factor
IFIntegration Facility
IFIntelligence Flight
IFIntelligent Finance (Halifax Group)
IFInternational Federation (sports)
IFInteraction Forum
IFIntelligence Fusion
IFIntegration Framework
IFImmediate Frequency
IFIntermediate Fix
IFIce Fog
IFInternational Fleet (game and book)
IFInternal Focusing
IFInternal Flush
IFInterference (Dutch electro artist)
IFIndirect Fire
IFIn Flames (band)
IFIsolation Filter
IFIsolation Function
IFInitiation Factor
IFInterference Filter
IFInstruction Fetch
IFInternally Flawless (2nd highest quality of diamond)
IFInternal Fixation
IFIntermittent Fasting (dieting)
IFIntrinsic Factor
IFIncremental Funding
IFInformation Directorate (at AFRL)
IFInstantaneous Frequency
IFIntermediate Filament (genetics)
IFIdaho Falls (Idaho)
IFIntrinsically Funny
IFInterstitial Fluid
IFInfield (baseball/softball)
IFIronforge (World of Warcraft city)
IFInvisionFree (Invision Power Board)
IFIntermediate Filament (cytoskeletal component)
IFInduction Furnace (metal melting)
IFIndependent Force
IFInternational Fleet (Ender's Game novel)
IFInterrupt Flag
IFIndemnité Forfaitaire (French: Liquidated Damage)
IFInstant Form (software)
IFInterferential Stimulation
IFInterference Field
IFIntruders Foundation
IFIntake Fraction (the fraction of a pollutant which is inhaled by humans)
IFInterface Freeze
IFIntrinsic Free (steel)
IFIntermediate Forward
IFInland Fetch (line)
IFIngenico Fortronic Ltd
IFIntelligent Field Co., Ltd. (Japan)
IFIntercept and Broadcast (US Navy)
IFInternationally Flawless (diamonds)
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The SW IPC values shown assume a latency of 1 clock cycle for instruction fetch, which is not the case for the DDR-PLB architecture, but is valid for LMB-based architectures.
This maximum was computed assuming a software instruction fetch latency of 1 clock cycle (implying IPC = 1), which does not hold true for the DDR case.
There are four stages used in this processor, for example, instruction fetch, decode, execute, and write back stages.
The latency can be utilized to cover the timing intervals of one instruction fetch stage with decode/execute/writeback/donothing stages of previous instructions, for example, instructions I2 and I3 in Figure 11.
Note the "combined" miss rate is the fraction of instruction fetches which suffer misses in both the 32KB I-cache and the 1MB L2 cache.
Following instruction fetch and decode, register renaming is performed, as in the base processor.
These results, however, fall short of peak processor throughput (the 8 instructions per cycle limit imposed by instruction fetch and decode bandwidth), in part because they encompass the execution of the entire program, including the sequential parts of the code.
A Macro instruction actually represents a branch into the ROM; the instruction fetch unit starts fetching instructions from the ROM at the address specified by the macro opcode.
The Op code fetched from the internal ROM in state 2 is examined in state 3 and depending upon which instruction is being fetched, the control goes to other states to execute the Instruction fetched. If the pc address is greater than 4K bytes, then the control goes to state 5 indicating that the Op code is to be fetched from external ROM.