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Fortunately, of the hundreds of attempted smuggling transactions involving radioactive materials that have been thwarted since 1991, the vast majority involved materials that were not weapons usable or were of insufficient quantity to construct a nuclear weapon.
A specimen that is judged by the laboratory to be unsuitable for analysis or must be recollected (eg, specimen lost or not received, inadequately labeled or unlabeled, hemolyzed, clotted, of insufficient quantity, or of unacceptable variance with previous or expected results).
definitive tests due to an insufficient quantity of urine in the sample and the result was officially negative, but the stewards were informed there was "a clear
Given the importance of water to a Palestinian economy heavily dependent on agricultural production, the insufficient quantity and poor quality of water available to Palestinians represents a potentially dangerous source of conflict.
If there is an insufficient quantity of calcium in the bloodstream to do the job, calcium is released from bone.
The condition is caused by an insufficient quantity of the lactase enzyme needed to break down lactose into two simple, easily digestible sugars.
A beacon signals the fill station operator that a a bin has insufficient quantity to complete a set of batch charge units.
Essentially three: (1) an insufficient quantity of many goods and services; (2) insufficient quality; (3) impediments to innovation.
The aim of the reconstruction is launching directional tracks, which is necessary for removal of the secondary shift, which is required due to insufficient quantity of the track direction.
Of the eight specimens testing positive for enterovirus, seven tested positive for echovirus 30, and one specimen could not be typed because of insufficient quantity.
These divergent results may also be attributable to different calibrators, constituted in either human- (RIA) or horse-based serum (CLIA), different incubation times (90 min by RIA vs 30 min by CLIA), or an insufficient quantity of reagents used to dissociate 25-OHD from its binding protein.