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% of D P M Sigma Error in One Year Inappropriately labelled 0.4 4486 4.2 Inappropriate container 0.2 2486 4.4 Insufficient quantity 1.6 15740 3.7 Improperly stored 1.1 10939 3.8 Haemolysed sample 5.2 52630 3.2 Clotted sample 1.5 15193 3.7 Lipemic sample 0.1 1398 4.5 Contaminated sample 0.3 2674 4.3 Sample lost/not received 0.1 1033 4.6 Inadequate blood anticoagulant ratio 0.2 1945 4.4
"A team member had put an insufficient quantity of fuel into the car, thereby resulting in the car having to be stopped on the circuit in order to be able to provide the required amount for sampling purposes," explained the FIA in a statement.
A 500mw is an insufficient quantity in view of national power shortfall.
According to Dharmakirti Joshi, chief economist, Crisil, " If jobs are created and youth are equipped with the required skill- sets, India's economic growth will accelerate." The prevailing skill deficit, in terms of insufficient quantity and quality of workforce, limits productivity, increases wages and raises unemployment levels.
The main problems in the implementation of the MC are: the costs of investments in the distribution of technological systems, the time re-design of production flow, insufficient quantity of the market demands and problems in the change of production program.
- 3.7 million charged to Sweden for insufficient quantity and quality of the on-the-spot checks and low quality of the remote sensing checks
Station owners said they refused to distribute the fuel in protest of what they said was the insufficient quantity.
Infection with HIV alters the immunologic landscape, most markedly noted in impaired quality and insufficient quantity of CD4 helper T cells, and dysregulated cytokine expression resulting from persistent antigen stimulation.
1 Insufficient quantity of materials delivered to the site
Fortunately, of the hundreds of attempted smuggling transactions involving radioactive materials that have been thwarted since 1991, the vast majority involved materials that were not weapons usable or were of insufficient quantity to construct a nuclear weapon.
Rejected Specimen.--A specimen that is judged by the laboratory to be unsuitable for analysis or must be recollected (eg, specimen lost or not received, inadequately labeled or unlabeled, hemolyzed, clotted, of insufficient quantity, or of unacceptable variance with previous or expected results).
definitive tests due to an insufficient quantity of urine in the sample and the result was officially negative, but the stewards were informed there was "a clear