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ICNZInsurance Council of New Zealand
ICNZInternational Committee on Natural Zeolites
ICNZIndependent Consultants New Zealand Ltd (New Zealand)
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In New Zealand, insurers adhere to a "Fair Insurance Code" developed by the Insurance Council of New Zealand Inc., the country's main insurance trade group.
For this reason, the insurance industry would like to retain the services of the Inland Revenue and NZ Post in the event of privatisation, in order "to keep the administration costs of the scheme to a minimum" (Insurance Council of New Zealand 1995:15).
Industry associations have suggested that a "pool insurer" be established to handle the less desirable accounts (Insurance Council of New Zealand 1995:15,20; New Zealand Employers' Federation 1995:68).
The insurance industry would thus like government to pick up the bill for poor risks, leaving the more lucrative individual and employer accounts to private insurers (Insurance Council of New Zealand 1995:20).
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