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IAASInfrastructure as a Service
IAASIntegration as a Service (form of Software as a Service)
IAASInformation As A Service
IAASInternational Association of Agricultural Students
IAASInstitute of Agriculture and Animal Science (Nepal)
IAASInternational Association for Ambulatory Surgery (est. 1995)
IAASInternational Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences
IAASInternational Association for Astronomical Studies (Denver, Colorado)
IAASInsurance and Actuarial Advisory Services
IAASIndian Audit and Accounts Service (India)
IAASInstitute of Auctioneers and Appraisers in Scotland
IAASIncorporated Association of Architects and Surveyors (now Association of Building Engineers)
IAASIndian Association for the Advancement of Science (New Delhi, India)
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Thomas Conway, also a partner with Ernst & Young Insurance and Actuarial Advisory Services, said insurers are behind other financial services companies when it comes to establishing a holistic approach to risk management.
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