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INTAInternational Trademark Association
INTAInstituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria (National Institute of Agricultural Technology; Argentina)
INTAInterrupt Acknowledge
INTAInternational New Thought Alliance (Mesa, AZ)
INTAInstituto Nacional de Técnica Aerospacial (Spanish: National Institute for Aerospace Technology)
INTAInternational Nail Technicians Association
INTAInternational Natural Therapists Association (Australia)
INTAInternational New Towns Association (Netherlands)
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This hot new service from US based company, Useful Networks[TM] and Turkish based company, Inta SpaceTurk, allows you to locate your closest friends and family anytime and anywhere by identifying their location via their mobile phone signal.
Randy Moss, professional football player and Inta Juice executive, will grace the quarter panels of the #66 Inta Juice Chevrolet.
The store -- Inta Juice's first in Louisiana -- increases the national reach of the company.
Vytautas Vitkauskas, General Director, INTA, stated, "Hi-G-Tek leads the way in customs sensing, visibility and tracking worldwide and INTA was pleased to provide the systems integration services to get this job done.
21 /PRNewswire/ -- Inta Juice, a Fort Collins-based national juice bar franchise, is pleased to announce its partnership with Randy Moss Enterprises, Inc.
The INTA award was established in 2002 to recognize dedicated individuals who provide exceptional service to the association each year.
INTA recommends the following guidelines for consumers having nail services:
More than 4,600 trademark owners and intellectual property professionals from around the world are members of INTA.
It's an honor to be selected, and I am looking forward to working with both the INTA and federal panels," Sarnoff Riola said.
Inta is a great partner and we are proud they chose Space Imaging over the competition," said John Copple, Space Imaging's chief executive officer.
INTA, a 1,500-employee research center under the auspices of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, is responsible for the development of satellites and other spacecraft, as well as the certification of Spanish aircraft.
She also plans to create a task force dedicated to leadership development within the Association, and lead INTA in establishing policies that prevent the manufacture and sale of counterfeit goods.