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They are presented in Table 4 together with the EGR rate (%), lambda, [lambda], intake manifold temperature, [] ([degrees]C), EGR cooler gas outlet temperature, [T.sub.EGR] ([degrees]C), SOI ([degrees]CA ATDC) and the number of injections, [n.sub.inj].
Engine speed N (rpm), gross IMEP L (bar), EGR rate (%), intake manifold pressure [] (bar), lambda [lambda] (-), intake manifold temperature [] ([degrees]C), start of injection SOI ([degrees]CA ATDC) and number of injection events [n.sub.inj].
It is therefore possible to reach significantly lower intake manifold temperatures in the experimental setup.
The MEC-FI controller precisely controls air fuel ratio based on engine variables such as fuel pressure, fuel flow, intake manifold temperature, exhaust temperature and air manifold pressure.
The lower temperature and higher density compared to the two-hole experiments is due to the lower intake manifold temperature used for the 6-hole tip experiments.
Description Value Engine speed 1500 rpm Intake manifold pressure (abs.) 2.50 bar Intake manifold temperature 95.0[degrees]C@80 & 180 MPa [p.sub.inj] 50.0 [degrees]C@ 240 MPa [p.sub.inj] Coolant temperature 95 [degrees]C Fuel injection pressure 80, 180, 240 MPa Intake oxygen 21, 18, 16% X[O.sub.2] Injection duration (actual) 3500 us Start of combustion -5.0 CAD ATDC Table 5.
The pressure in the intake manifold ([]) has been set equal to the set-point value that was derived from the baseline engine map, as a function of the engine load and speed; the intake manifold temperature has been evaluated by means of an enthalpy balance equation at the EGR mixing node; the exhaust manifold temperature has been evaluated by means of a correlation that takes into account the in-cylinder temperature at exhaust valve opening, as well as the engine load and speed; the exhaust manifold pressure has been evaluated by means of a look-up table that takes into account the pressure in the intake manifold, the engine load and speed.
2 (the procedure is reported in [24], and the following correlations were identified for the two parameters as a function of the engine speed, load and intake manifold temperature:
The intake manifold temperature ([]) was evaluated by means of an enthalpy balance equation at the EGR mixing node:
is intake manifold temperature, [] is intake manifold volume, [[??]] and [[??]] represent separately throttle intake air mass flow rate and the intake air mass flow rate as follow:
is internal intake manifold temperature, [[eta].sub.v] is volume efficiency, [omega] is engine speed, [n.sub.event] is power stroke number per engine operation, 0.5 is set in this research due to the target engine is V2 engine.
21 compares the intake manifold temperatures of base system and oil heater system.